AJ is a Keyblade Master and a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS.




Andrew Jacob Canvasback is kind, friendly, He tries to make friends but can fail at times. He is smart/wise.  Andrew is creative and can think on his feet.  He can be laid-back at times but can take things serious when need be.


Andrew has blonde hair and blue eyes, he is simply dressed. He has blue pants and brown shoes. He looks like the picture that is used in the RP.


  • High Jump (1 ap) Equipped
  • Combo (2 ap) Equipped
  • Dodge Roll (2 ap) Equipped
  • Guard (2 ap)
  • Magic Lock-On (1 ap) Equipped
  • Item boost (2ap)
  • Aerial Sweep (2 ap) equipped
  • Combo Plus (1 ap) Equipped
  • Air Combo Plus ( 1 ap)
  • Cheer (1 ap)
  • Second Wind (4 ap) Equipped
  • Damage Syphon (3 ap) Equipped
  • Lucky Lucky (3 ap)
  • Cover (1 ap)
  • MP Haste (3 ap)
  • Second Chance (4 ap) Equipped
  • Explosion (3 ap) equipped
  • Aerual Finish (3 ap) equipped
  • Finishing Leap (5 ap)
  • Blitz (2 ap) equipped
  • reload boost (4 ap)
  • Counterattack (4 ap)
  • MP Rage (3 ap)
  • Blend (0ap) Equipped
  • Tribute (0ap)
  • Battlecry (3 ap)
  • EXP Writer Il (0 ap) Equipped
  • Gift (2ap)


  • Aqua Splash Equipped
  • Quake

Limits Edit

  • Mystic Aura (4 ap) Equipped
  • Rebirth (0 ap) Equipped


Magic: bold is EquippedEdit

  • Aerora
  • Curaga
  • Thundaga
  • Blizzaga
  • Fira
  • Stopga
  • Gravira
  • Drain
  • Seeker Mine



  • Baymax
  • Chicken Little


  • Phoenix Light
  • Skull Noise
  • Counterpoint (for music)
  • Companion
  • Sweetstack
  • Unbound (edits 23 )
  • Oathkeeper (1 year)
  • Circle of Life
  • Oblivion


  • Apprentice Sash (Equipped)
  • Sos ring



Almost all of Garrett's characters have a last name that have something to due with birds AJ dose too.

AJ is the only new character that has stayed in the RP from Part 2 the rest having left or being replaced (Aislinn)

The first keyhole that AJ sealed was San Fransokyo

Two of the three mark of mastery missions AJ did basically by himself The first one being with only Kel and the other being by himself.

In Pride lands it was AJ's first time that he turned into an animal, which turned out to be a lion.

The first song Garrett did was can't wait to be king