Titled the Castle of Illusions. It is the final chapter in the Homeworld Series, and tells of the final challenge the keyblade wielders must conquer in order to reclaim their lost abilities.

Story Edit

I'm Miserable Edit

Slowly but surely each and every keyblade wielder emerged from the confines of their trial room. Some jolly, some pensive, and some distraught. As the group reconvened and discussed what had happened in their trial, what had changed in them, or something about a physical change in general, new people started to appear. From the castle gates, four new keyblade wielders going by Aislinn, AJ, Gwen, and Celio started to enter. While the group was curious about them, both those keyblade wielder's introductions and the veteran ones's reunion was cut short. As a dark mist started to permeate the halls, the entrance to the castle shut behind the new wielders, locking everyone in and keeping Dreamer out.

While the mice with Dreamer wondered what was going on, he explained the situation. The castle belonged to the entity known as Mizrabel, and while Mickey and his friends had long since felled the witch, a darker part of her soul still haunted the castle. While Dreamer had originally hoped that she would stay dormant, it had appeared that she was roused from her slumber. Dreamer then explained that as the keyblade wielders had gone through their memories and used the castle to conquer themselves, they were now a part of the castle itself.

To punctuate this, Mizrabel's dark form appeared before the keyblade wielders. Locking away Karina in a dark orb, as she had failed her trial, Mizrabel then proceeded to trap the other wielders in a chest, one for each of them. While she had attempted to lock all of them away forever, the newcomers that had arrived were unaffected by this. Poised to defeat these intruders, the battle between Mizrabel began.

The new keyblade wielders managed to free the old wielders from their treasure chest prison, allowing them to fight back against the witch. As the fight continued on, and the keyblade wielders dealt more damage to the witch, slowly but steadily the old power that the keyblade wielders had flowed back to them. With their returning power, the fight against the witch became easier until she was finally defeated. Once beaten, the witch exploded into a burst of light, with all the hearts she had trapped in her castle being freed and scattered across the realm, seeking their original owners.

Participating Players Edit

  • Aislinn
  • AJ
  • Ananta
  • Beuce
  • Celio
  • D'daear
  • Glen
  • Gwendolyn
  • Hikaru
  • Ignis
  • Kaida
  • Kel
  • Luna
  • Steel
  • Stratos
  • Xara

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