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D'daear is a Keyblade wielder and is a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS


The Good old DaysEdit


“Half a millennia ago, when the worlds were still one, peace and prosperity reigned over the world in the form of light; much like now. The denizens of the Skies, Lands, and seas flourished in the warm light that bathed the entire globe; and it showed as there was nothing but the radiance of good in the hearts of everyone. There was harmony, and love for one another. Even competitions were held with the best of sportsmanship. Of course there were times when people weeped, and ached, but such things were inevitable. Yet, whenever such emotions arose, the light’s warmth was always there to restore us. No one questioned where the source of such light emanated from. As long as peace reigned, and the light showered them with its warmth, why bother? Everyone lived side by side with it, content with the order that sustained them.

Or so most thought…

Behind the scenes, unknown to all, a group of individuals had plotted something most sinister. From the nothing they emerged, bringing with them an era where light would no longer cascade from the heavens to warm our hearts. In order to do so, they had forged keys in the image of the one and only TRUE CHI; the same CHI that safeguarded the lights progenitor, Kingdom Hearts. They did so in order to lay claim to the light. However, as if in response to such treason, the progenitor of light emerged from the heavens and whisked away the light. Without the light from Kingdom Hearts, all that remained was the light in our hearts…and the seed of darkness. In time, this darkness grew. Many people suffered as the darkness consumed them, allowing their greed for the light to manifest. The light that kept the darkness at bay, had become weak. Ironically, to protect the waning light, others key bearers emerged. Fights escalated over the remaining light, and soon it would become uncontainable when people discovered the truth behind the original CHI, the CHI that could open a door to Kingdom Hearts and all of its endless light.

Inevitably, war broke out among them as factions flocked from all corners of the globe; all fighting for their ideals. To protect the light, or to serve the darkness. To save the dying world, or to bring chaos and ruin to it, everyone’s desire was at stake. In this clash of light and dark, Kingdom hearts watched in the heavens as the war of forged keys escalated. Magic of all magnitude was flung back and forth between sides, and blades clashed violently.  In time, the number of participants waned as they fell to one another until only but a few remained. In the end, the conflict had done the complete opposite of what it was intended for. In an ironic twist of fate, they had splintered the original CHI into shards, seven pieces of light and thirteen pieces of darkness. As the CHI crumbled, the world began to crumble. Darkness seized its opportunity and began to consume everything, including Kingdom hearts. It sucked the light of Kingdom hearts into its empty void, claiming it as its own. Kingdom Hearts had been lost… and the surviving warriors couldn’t possibly escape this end. They would all be swallowed by the darkness.

At one point all seemed lost…until a miracle occurred. Somehow, light had remained in the hearts of children. Faith, Hope, and love. These were what allowed for the light in their hearts to shine bright. Together, their light became a shield of salvation which kept the darkness at bay, protecting the remnants of the world. Unfortunately, it was not enough to mend the fragmented world, and thus several smaller worlds were born.

Inspired by the children, those that remained from the war decided to use their Keys to defend the light…to defend the children, like you.

Afterwards, order was given to the smaller worlds where in each a key bearer resided, to protect that world just like the true Chi had done in the old world. Darkness still lingered, a reminder to us to never forget the chaos it had wrought, while light had survived to remind us that no matter had deep the darkness, there will always be a light within.

As for the ones that instigated the events from the beginning… no one really knows what became of them. What could have possessed them to become such agents of chaos? Many speculate they were beings of higher power, having become corrupted by their unsatiated lust for… power. Some say they were darkness itself; harbingers, stirring events that were perhaps pre-determined to take place. Regardless, what is done is done. We tell this story, so that the past may not be forgotten in hopes that history does not repeat itself. “

Della & D'daear copy-0

Della and D'daear reading together


A small child with long red ochre hair sat at the center of the living room floor; surrounded by lavender walls. Placed on the walls throughout the room were various instruments:  Guitars, a small bongo, and slender bass.  It was a small space, but big enough to harbor a family of five. On her lap, a purple haired toddler was seated in-between her and the book that had glowed with life just moments ago. Young Emerald eyes veered from the pages in amazement. The Young girl turned at once towards a woman sitting beside her on a brown couch; a large bongo rested next to it. “This story is amazing, grandma!” said the little girl. Small light skin hands eased its grip a bit on the book as the toddler began to tap on the pages unbeknownst to her. The young girl was staring back at a purple haired woman with dark skin, and emerald eyes just like hers. A reddish elevated cowl neck top dressed her toned torso, while simple black pants tightly fit her lower body. Although she was a grandmother, she barely seemed to be among the elderly. With a soft smile, the woman scooted further out from the couch until only her rear end was sitting on the edge. Leaning forward with knees tapping knees, she looked down at her granddaughter with gentle eyes.

“I know right? Did you see the way everything just blew out of proportion in the middle? The fight was intense, and you could really feel as if you were there!” the grandmother said, tone shifting to that of excitement. The woman’s emerald eye’s sparkled with fascination, getting into the spirit of the moment. This was her spending time with her grandchildren. Enjoying them while they’re still young and still dependent. Watching the woman’s eyes light up, this all the more increased the fascination within the little girl’s heart. With a hearty smile, the young female looked back to the book, but to find the toddler drooling all over the pages while pacifier laid on the floor.  

“Aaack! D’daear!!!” she complained in slight disgust, watching as the baby boy simply continued to tap on the pages in his young excitement. All that was emanating from his mouth were jumbled words with no meaning; to the older individuals that is. With a small giggle, the grandmother got off of her couch and knelt next to the young girl in order to pick up D’daear off of the book. Scrunching her nose, and squinting her eyes, the woman got in close to the baby and rubbed noses with him as she lifted him off of her.

“There there, no harm done.” She reasoned, holding the toddler in arms. Her slender physique began to sway as she held the baby in arms, trying to arouse joy from the young one. It seemed to be working as D’daear was bounced around, giggling.

The girl looked up at them, hiding a smile as she looked back at the wet book, unable to hold back a bit of disappointment at the dirty book. With a pout, she let her ambivalence be known while holding the page upright with a hand, making sure it did not so much as touch the other pages. As the woman danced around with the baby, her high heels tapped against the wood that was the floor in rhythmic succession. Of course being a grandmother, she was aware of the girls little situation, but had hoped she would get over it. When she bothered to look back down; only to see her granddaughter still pouting over the book, the woman’s expression fell dull for only a moment. Speaking over the baby’s giggle fit, “Oh come on, Della. It’s just wet... Just put it over there by the desk so it can fan out and dry. Come dance with us while you wait.”

Della looked up to her grandmother, and frowned. “But I wanted to keep on reading!” she protested. Emerald eyes looked back at one another, older eyes staring down at younger more childish emerald orbs. Grandma was unable to contain a grin, and so it unraveled in a chuckle. “Then why are you just sitting there pouting? Just turn the page and continue!”

“But then the other pages’ll get wet!”

With a roll of the eyes, the grandmother smiled away as she continued to dance with her jolly grandson. She laughed as the duet continued, arms holding the toddler close to her while head arched back in order for emerald eyes to have a better view of D’daear. Watching her grandson chuckle away from the simple joy he was enjoying warmed her heart so. It was this joy with which she wanted to share with Della. Turning to her granddaughter once more, she spotted the young girl seated on the chair adjacent to the desk, with head slumped on top of right palm while she continued to fan out the wet page with left hand. Keeping rhythm, the purple haired woman pondered for a moment until it came to her. Grinning with an idea, right arm held D’daear in place while left arm moved out of her center and left hand began to move about as if the woman was casting some kind of spell.

She was. The instruments on the walls began to tremble as an unseen force suddenly took ahold of them. The guitars, bongos, and bass quickly came off from their spots and began to sway in place, all hovering above the couch. There was life in these instruments, and you could literally see it as they grew appendages from their own material. Suddenly, the bass started off this flamenco vibe. Its notes played rhythmically according to a basic 4/4 measure, and the tempo was mildly fast, however the notes were being played fast; undoubtedly each note was potentially eighth notes.  After four measures of just the bass, suddenly every instrument joined in, with exception of one guitar. They played beautifully together, and then suddenly the final guitar; the lead, joined in on the 9th measure of the song; ending the intro. It was so beautiful how the lead guitar played along with every other instrument. Each note played by the guitar resounded well, as each note came from the first three strings (High) starting from the treble (E, B, and G).

Following the tempo, the grandmother danced with child in arms, swaying hips as heels tapped against the wooden floor with each step. This was an instant hook line and sinker for Della as the moment the bass had begun she had turned her head around to watch. Little D’daear continued to giggle and have a good time in his grandmother’s arms, to which she grinned with great joy. The woman looked over to Della, and using her left hand, motioned for the granddaughter to join the dance floor.

“Come on Della! You really want to miss all the fun?” she queried, teasing the young girl. It was like an instant charm on the red headed girl. She quickly left her seat and ran towards her grandmother; although not without having placed something in-between the wet page and the others. “There we go!” the grandmother praised, uplifting the girls desire to dance. The trio danced and danced, enjoying one another’s company. This was a family among many in the bright world secluded from most others in the sea of skies. Outside of their houses, other houses neighbored theirs in the community. People were going about their lives as usual, some walking down the streets, other shopping, and others merely loitering around, enjoying the presence of people and the beautiful frail shards of light that surrounded them on a daily basis.

This…is Perfec Eev.  

One small step for the Universe, a giant leap for D'daear --- A small step for D'daear, One Huge Leap for the Universe Edit

A town built in a realm of serenity, where streets are made of stone and buildings varied in odd colors ranging from peach, pink, beige, and soft burgundy.

The day was bright and peaceful; the norm, while the multi colored streets blended bright with the cascading shards of light that fell from the sky. Many people were up and about taking a walk through a cul-de-sac like plaza where at the center a fountain stood with large star like patterns scattered throughout the cobblestone floor. The patterns had blue borders with light peach colors filling in the inside. Stone pieces were crafted perfectly to look like stained glass. If one were to visit this town, they would immediately notice a recurring detail.

All the houses had similar architecture, and color scheme. Purple roofs, beige walls for the top with exterior timber frames and steel blue brick walls for the bottom half. These were all town houses/city houses. Houses created the cul-de-sac referred to as the Plaza. It is in this hub space, where people from all around the town would normally pass on through to reach another area, which our story begins.

 Sitting on the edge of a second floor window, a tall boy rests his back against the French window frame. Right leg dangled freely over the edge, with left leg buckled allowing for the knee to rise where he could rest his left arm. Right hand rested on right thigh with a letter gripped between thumb and index. Blue irises stared out to the plaza, soullessly hopping from one passerby to the next. A somber look had overtaken the purple haired individual’s expression. Chest expanded momentarily before air escaped through mouth. He seemed dull like something had sucked the energy out of him. He was depressed.

“I hope she can make it…” he uttered. Eyes suddenly parted from the view down below and slowly trailed to the falling fragments of light, jumping from one light to the next until he was looking towards the sky. Vision slowly became obscured as the eyes stared into the brightness. Without a care in the world, the boy went into a reverie.


It was a few days ago, that he was laying upright on a living room couch. It was the same living room he had been in when he was a baby and the stories were read to them. As a matter of fact, they had always read stories in this area of the house. It was a place where the family could spend time together and enjoy the moment of escaping to a world where adventures awaited them. Except, there had been minor changes. The walls had been recolored to look like the outside house. Lavender timber frames ruled the now beige colored walls. But other than that, the house basically looked the same. The purple haired boy was looking over to a red headed woman sitting with a book on a wooden desk.

The boy dawned a green turtle neck tang top with relaxed brown pants and green silver sneakers. Green bands wrapped in silver around forearms made up his accessory. Meanwhile, the red headed woman was wearing a pinkish lavender jacket that resembled a cowhide motorcycle leather jacket, with a white long sleeved shirt underneath and dark green skinny jeans with rips at the front. Black shin high belt buckled boots covered her foot and all of her calf and shin. The sound of a page flipping emanated from her direction.

“When are you going to take a break from your research, Sis?” the boy queried in curiosity.

No response.

Back separated from the couch as he sat upright to stand, sighing to the quiet sibling. “He-llooo! Earth to Della!” he called out, standing on his two feet. The females head shifted slightly like she had just been awoken from her concentration. Turning her head around, calm emerald green eyes looked on to the boy that stood only a few feet away.

“Hmm?” was all she uttered.

“I said, when are you going to take a break from research.” He calmly reiterated.

“Good question…” she replied, avoiding an answer. The boy advanced, only stopping behind the chair the female was seated on in order to peer over her head. “All this time you’ve been glued to this book. I don’t get what’s so special about it…” he said as he gazed onto the contents of the page. The light bronze colored page had a lot of text. The red headed sister flipped a page, revealing another page with text, however this one had an image. The boy’s breathing became heavy as he focused on the image, not being weary of how close he was to Della.

It was a strange picture of some entity. There was a symbol next to it, which looked weird to the ignorant boy. Thorns crossed one another within the symbol that represented a filigree heart. Such a strange insignia in a strange book. Just what was she reading?

“D’daear, do you mind not breathing on me?” the sister spoke up, eyes still glued on the pages. The boy became conscious of his rude behavior, and took a step back to gain composure. “Sorry about that…” he apologized, moving a curled hand close to lips in order to cough. He honestly did not mean to invade her personal space like that, it was just…the book. It was drawing the woman’s attention, and now he understood why. It was a very unique book compared to the other books they had lying around. So much so that curiosity nearly compelled him to learn more about it.

“Hey…Della?” he called out once more. Thankfully, she replied this time. “Hmm?” she uttered, flipping another page. D’daear hesitated, not sure whether to even ask. “That book…I’ve never read it before. Is it new or something?” he asked. The woman got up, causing the chair to skid back a bit as she moved towards a shelf next to the desk. Della was smaller than D’daear, by a mere two inches, and yet she was a full grown adult. Twenty five years of age she was, with the boy only being eight years younger.

The sister took up a book from the shelf and escorted herself to the chair once again, scooting the chair closer to the desk. The book opened, and she was back to it. “It’s….new to you. It’s a book Grandma kept safely hidden somewhere.” she finally replied.

“Why? What’s so special about it? And how do you know about the hiding spot? Grandma hasn’t been around in a long time…” he asked.

“It’s just an encyclopedia she showed me just before she left…”

 “Then why hide it? And why didn’t she bother to show it to me too?” D’daear asked, curiosity peaking at the sound of it. “I mean, we always read these books together at one point… So why did this one get excluded…or at least…why did I get excluded from reading it?”

“Because you’re not her pupil…” she uttered under her breath. Patience was at its peak with D’daear’s constant interruptions.

Della let out a sigh, shutting the book closed. The chair once again skidded against the wooden floor before she got up, and began to put things back in their place.

The adolescent boy was left concerned, considering his sister was acting odd; even for her.

After the woman had finished placing things back, only one book remained on the desk. It was purple with white patterns framing the entirety of the books front and back cover; even the spine. Della quickly grabbed ahold of that book, and started to walk out of the room, passing D’daear before exiting the living room. The boy was left in ambivalence, wondering and worried.

“Where are you going? Did I say something wrong?” he queried before pursuing her to the houses entrance. He stopped at the front door, watching Della’s form walk off into the plaza. D’daear’s right hand gripped the doors frame with eyes locked onto her. Something did not sit right with him, especially Della’s strange behavior; not referring to the research portion…well somewhat.

You see, the two of them were related to a grand woman whom possessed powers far beyond anything they’ve seen. And when this power was passed on to his sister, she had suddenly inherited responsibilities; and she was only fifteen at the time. This resulted in her having to undergo studying, and training. With great power, comes great responsibility after all. A year later, their grandma had left for reasons unknown to him. All he remembered was that their grandmother was involved in something that was best for him not to understand. From time to time she would send letters with greetings and instructions for Della, and they would obviously write back; all manageable by the moogle delivery service. However, letters could only take Della so far in her training. Without a proper mentor for Della, it made sense that his older sister would dive straight to the knowledge contained in books. D’daear understood WHY she was so focused on doing research, studying every day. As their grandmother’s pupil, it was Della’s job to refine her mind, to attain knowledge, and to strengthen herself.

She is a Keyblade wielder after all.

And yet, despite all that, she was still acting different from the norm. It was if there was knowledge that she just had to find for herself and not share, not even to her own sibling.

Standing there at the front entrance of the house, eyelids closed till he was practically glaring at his Sister’s back. “Alright then… If you won’t tell me…then I guess I’ll just have to find out for myself.” He muttered to himself.

Stepping out of the house, he closed the door behind him and went straight to espionage.

With the warm light that fell from the sky, and the people that walked the streets, D’daear had no problem keeping himself hidden for the entirety of the tailing. The boy was led throughout a route, passing in and out of a man created tunnel within a building, through a bridge, and basically street upon street; making sure to maintain distance. He hid himself within crowds, behind kiosks, trees, and sometimes just hid in plain sight. He even hid himself behind a moogle whom was floating in place next to its blue kiosk. The moogle seemed to be so happy when it thought D’daear was a customer; and then suddenly annoyed when it found out he was merely using the moogle as cover.

Aside from being serious about following his sister, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of joy inside. It was kind of fun playing the spy, tracking the targets movements, trailing the target to her secret hide out. D’daear suddenly stopped at a corner, fumbling to hide behind the corner of a house when he saw Della walk into a street that led to an open road. He watched her as she walked on towards a large building that loomed over the entire town.

“Tch… I mean…I guess I can still follow her…but there isn’t a single cover in sight…” the adolescent muttered under breath. Biting lower lip, he decided he would take the risk. Slowly, he snuck out of the corner of the street, and began to follow Della down the lonely road. From his current distance, he could still see Della; although barely. The book was nothing more than a blur from where he was standing, but from the looks of it she still had her hands on it. D’daear came to halt as he took a good look at the large structure that was up ahead.

It was a large building, big enough to be considered a castle as it towered over the entire town. At the center of the peach and purple building’s design, a giant purple gear framed itself in front a large glass window that had purple timber frame patterns all about. The large purple gear had two golden clock hands, and beneath it was another purple gear, but this one was small. That took up nearly the entire front of the building, what with a few conical spires taking up point at the corners of the castle.

Blue irises focused on the building as he recalled a memory. When he was younger he had asked his grandmother why this one particular building stood out from the rest in the town. For some reason he could never get a straight answer, and just lost interest in the matter as there were better things for him to spend his time doing. Having trailed Della to this one spot, that old interest in this castle had been revived.

D’daear stood in awe, eyes trailing down the building. The same purple tiled roofs, and peach-ish beige colored walls. Just why did this town have a thing for that color?  Eyes continued to trail down the structure until they reached the curtain walls that perimeter the castle. He was met with steel-blue gates that were closing, with Della being on the other side of those gates as she continued to walk on towards the looming building.

“Shoot!” he uttered to himself as he suddenly made a break for it. Regret filled him for being distracted like some child. Feet scurried as he sprinted to make it to the gates before they closed. Unfortunately, he was too slow. Just as he approached the gates they closed shut. D’daear began to slow a little too late, and had to place hands in front as to catch himself against the closed behemoth doors. He looked up, pushing himself off the doors to back up. Curtain walls as one would call this; Walls that surrounded a castle and that framed themselves over these main gates.

Mandible tensed, feeling a sense of defeat as he looked up towards the clock stationed on the castle. That castle, no one ever went inside that place until today, or at least that’s what he thought.

“How long has Della been able to enter that place?” he inquired to himself, feeling lost. Powerless, and unable to do anything, the boy looked distressed and confused. It was so simple when he just kept to himself. Finding interest in the book and his sister had suddenly complicated his life.

Down casted, D’daear slowly turned around and walked away from the massive curtain walls that denied him passage.


D’daear sat on the edge of the window, looking out to the plaza. It was strange how everything just changed in the course of a day for him. When he had returned home that day after failing to following Della into the castle, he had waited her arrival.

She never returned.

Throughout the course of the next day that he had followed Della, he again attempted to go back to the castle, trying to find a way inside. It too was a failure, and all he could do from then was ask around the town. With no results, it just came to a point where he could do nothing else except wait. It was almost a week now, and no sign of Della. He worried for her safety, and for their kinship. He wondered if perhaps she had stayed in the castle because of him. Could he really have been so annoying to her that she would rather stay away from him in order to better focus on her research? It would definitely be a better outcome than for her to have been in any danger. However, it saddened him to think that would be the case. It saddened him to think that she would want to stay away from him. All he wanted to do was to understand her situation, to learn from her. They were all they had.

A loneliness became evident in his heart, where a sadness resided. Blue eyes nearly hid themselves as he fought back tears. It hurt his heart to have seen his grandmother leave, but… at least he had his beloved big sister. He remembered back then, when he used to cry at night because he missed his grandmother. This amazing female took care of him when he was eight and she was sixteen. Whenever he was scared, Della was the one who was always there to protect her. Whenever he felt angry or frustrated, her kindness was always there to quell such tantrums. Della would always stay by his bed side to comfort him, to remind him that he was not alone. His sister, she was always strong...always able to carry him despite her own problems.

Maybe that’s why she left… Maybe I just became too much of a burden to her…” he thought in regret. Maybe if he had just become a little stronger, then maybe she wouldn’t have left him.

As D’daear sat there pondering, he had failed to notice a figure lurking at the edge of the room. This person wore a blueish elevated cowl neck top; it resembled armor made of scales, which dressed her toned torso; exposing a bit of her abdomen, while simple low rise skinny red pants tightly fit her lower body. Sitting at the hips, small gold-bronze metal faulds became prominent while seven small spikes protruded from the side of pants just five inches below the faulds. Chelsea ankle boots adorned her feet, with heels long enough to give her a small bit of extra height. Soft young caramel pigmented skin blended well with this fashion. The woman gave a soft smile as she looked on to D’daear. She took one step which reverberated loud enough in the room for the adolescent boy to turn to her direction, and gasp for a moment in surprise.

2015 09 07 0002

D'daear's Grandma (Thia)

Hesitating at first, the woman took another step forward.

“Hi D’daear…it’s been a while…” spoke the adult woman.

Blue irises stared back at strong emerald eyes, teary at the sight of this magnificent woman. She hadn’t aged a bit. “Grandma…! Y-you’re here…!” D’daear uttered speechless. The boy’s mind was not ready for this at all. Just when he thought he was alone, here was the other amazing woman. The purple haired woman slowly neared the grandchild, boots reverberating against the wooden floor. “Hey Kiddo… How are things?” she asked, unable to fight off the awkwardness.

It had been so long since she had seen her grandson. Before she could get closer to the window, D’daear dropped the letter in hand, jumped off the window frame and ran up to embrace his beloved grandma. The woman stood tall, allowing D’daear to bend down somewhat to welcome the embrace. Arms wrapped around the adolescent child, chin going over the boy’s broad shoulder while his loomed over hers. Perspiration began to seep onto her shoulder which alerted her. In wonder, emerald eyes looked to notice the boy’s back shudder. She realized that D’daear had started crying silently. A sympathetic smile took place while she placed a hand on his head, trying to ease the childish adolescent.

“Everything’s going to be alright…” she reassured, eyes staring off into the open window. The afternoon sky was waning, and the blanket of night soon covering everything.


The evening was spent in the boy’s room. Lamps shown bright on the walls, illuminating the inside of the house. D’daear’s mind was being filled with a ton of information. All of it was so much to take in, and in a way it frightened him. The urgency behind his grandmother’s tone, and the constant emphasis in the severity of the situation made everything that much intense. D’daear was a smart kid, but not smart enough to absorb a lot of information at once. For all he knew, most of the information just went over his head and into the subconscious.

“So all those stories you read to us about the battle of light and darkness when we were younger…they’re real?” he questioned, eyes show casing bewilderment.


Blue irises slowly fell to gaze at the wood floor in shock. “So the war…that really did happen…” he uttered in amazement. “So then…that really WAS the reason behind the worlds separating…” he uttered to himself as he pondered. He looked up to the wise woman. “So Kingdom hearts… it exists?”

She nodded to his question, watching as the information settle on D’daear; although for only a small second.

“So…do you know where Della is?” D’daear asked, just trying to reconfirm. The woman stood up from the couch, and placed hands on hips while she turned her back to D’daear. “I’m afraid not…but she’s a big girl.” she replied, teeth gently nibbling at lower lip. She quickly turned around.  Readying to say something, words stopped as she placed a hand on chin.

“Well that’s reassuring…” D’daear spoke sarcastically.

“Well, technically I’m as clueless as you right now, but…from what you’re telling me…no one has heard from her. So perhaps she’s not on this world.”

The woman crossed her arms, once again nibbling her lower lip.

“Oh…but, why would she leave then?” he questioned her theory. A bit of relief was with D’daear. At least now he knew he was merely being insecure.  

The woman’s head shook in lack for an answer while eyes just looked into empty space. “I’m not sure...” voice uttered passionlessly. With a sigh, hands fell onto belt line. It made no sense for Della to just go off and wander. Something must have compelled her to disappear, to leave behind her duty as this world’s protector. Confident in her ability as a teacher, the grandmother knew her granddaughter knew better than that. As the woman’s conscious rummaged through plans of action, her desire to just go out and find her grew more and more. However, she herself could not go. Despite being more than competent in being able to get this job done faster, she was bound by oath. Her place was here as this worlds guardian for now.

Fingers tensed as they gripped at her faulds. There was only one other way…. 

Closing her eyes, she regretted what she was about to say. “D’daear… I’m going to need you to go out and find her. I think…” She paused from continuing, realizing she did not want to alert grandson with anything more. Eyelids retracted to find the boy’s jaw had dropped slightly, showing a gap between lips. Eyelids fluttered as D’daear tried to register what she had asked him. Emerald eyes suddenly looked deep into the young lad’s irises, bearing witness to D’daear’s dread. Words struggled to escape the boy, coming out in the form of mumbling, until finally…

“W-What!?” he exclaimed. “You want ME to go out THERE and find her!?”

The purple haired boy got up from the couch and became hysterical. “How am I supposed to do that?! I can’t even wield a keyblade like you and Della! I-I’m not ready for this! I don’t have the slightest bit of training!” he complained, giving reasons for his inability. He began to back away, back facing the upcoming desk. The back of his thighs bumped into the desk; his lack of coordination a result of anxiety. The woman quickly extended hands out as she approached him as a means to calm him down. She beckoned with him.

“Take it easy D’da-!”

“I can’t relax! Y-you’re asking way too much of me!” he shouted, walking past her in order to avoid her touching him. He approached a nearby wall to find emotional support by placing a hand on it on it as he leaned, other hand placed on hips. His body suddenly felt drained, weak from being hit with the news. Eyelids shut themselves as he tried to calm himself, but that was proving to be a mission in itself.

The grandmother took slow and steady steps towards her grandson. “Listen…I know it sounds frightening, and I can’t even imagine what you must be going through right now…but… I need you to go look for her. You and I both know that a world needs its guardian. Right now, I’m the only one that qualifies for that.” She explained, trying to reason with him while still approaching him with caution.

 D’daear remained stationed while his heart continued to race. He was scared. He had grown in this world all his life, and never had he shown interest in these kinds of things; unlike his sister. He always just took each day as it was. Life had deemed him to be simple, someone to just live a peaceful life in his world. Now all of sudden everything seems surreal. He was still finding it hard to believe the stories to be true. How was he supposed to just change his way of life overnight?

“D’daear… please… listen to me… We need you.” she said, referring to Della and herself.

The ambivalence weighed on him as he could feel the responsibility. He felt the sense of purpose for himself, and an opportunity to see the fairytales for himself which ironically stirred excitement! However, he could also feel the pressure of failure, the possible dangers he would encounter. Heck he was already feeling homesick just thinking of it.

To be out there among the stars, wandering alone.

The hand that was grasping the wall suddenly curled into a fist. It was out of his comfort zone, and this situation was clearly out of his control. Like a chess game, it seemed the circumstances had placed him on checkmate. This world needed his grandmother to stay in order to safeguard it. She was the only one who could wield a keyblade sufficiently. There’s was no one else in this world that he knew of who could do what his grandmother could do. HE had to find his sister.

Mind went blank as he succumbed to the elder woman’s will. In an attempt at justifying his new purpose, memories of these two wonderful people came resurfacing. As the memories bubbled up into his conscious, it was clear that they had always been there for him, taking care of him like some baby. The strong protecting their young weak male. Beyond this world, there was so much more to understand. His grandmother always had that strength, and it seems Della had found hers; despite her irresponsible decision. D’daear gritted teeth in struggle as he understood how all this time they had been there for him. So maybe it was time HE was there for them.

In that moment D’daear’s eyelids opened, revealing a sudden revelation...and fear. Ridden with anxiety, the young adolescent fought through it as he lifted his head up and fist away from the wall. Turning to face his grandmother, a heavy sigh escaped nostrils. Face was written with frustration and reluctance. He was scared, but now willing. With a small nod, he agreed to the idea.

Noticing the boy’s submission, she gently took D’daear by the hand while giving him a sympathetic stare. “Thank you…” she said. The woman lured the boy to a couch in order for him to take a seat. Calmly, she explained to him what was to happen next.

“Remember the day I had Della take the inheritance ceremony?” she asked, wondering whether D’daear’s memories could serve a purpose here. The boy gave an unsure look. Brushing the question aside she got straight to the point. “Well anyway…” she started, summoning her keyblade before his eyes. It was an amazing sight to behold. Light gathered near the palm of her extended left hand, and suddenly a wave of blackness stirred from within that light. The two elements blended together in harmony, soon parting ways in a dramatic show of power as a blade was forged. D’daear’s blue eyes remained glued to the weapon, unsure of how to react. With quick twirl of her wrist, grandma switched the grip on her keyblade and was suddenly holding it reversed; blade was facing away. She knelt down, and reached out with the equipped hand.

“Here.” She said handing him the weapon.

D’daear hesitantly grabbed the weapons handle, and held it. Adrenaline rushed through his being as he did not know what to expect. Just what was about to happen? They remained where they were, not doing anything. The atmosphere shifted, making the boy feel very uneasy about this moment. It didn’t help that his grandma was keenly staring at the keyblade. When a minute had passed, D’daear had to speak up. “S-so what am I supposed to do?” he asked, still nervous. The grandma snickered. She gently took the keyblade from his hand, and willed the weapon to disappear.

“Nothing. That was it. You’ve officially become one of my successors.”

D’daear was taken aback by the lack of…well…everything!

“That was it?”


“You mean no special training?  No oath, no mystical vision, special effects, or any of the sort?”

“You got it.”

D’daear’s eyes fell to the ground in apathetic disbelief. “Huh…” was all he uttered. It was surprisingly simple than he had thought it to be. “So… what now?” he asked, looking back up to his grandmother. Whether or not inheriting the keyblade was as simple as a touch, he was still frightened to the idea that he would be leaving his home world.  “You rest up. You leave first thing tomorrow...” the grandmother’s voice spoke, merely giving him a soft sympathetic smile.


It was early morning, and the sun was merely waking up; not yet having penetrated the horizon. The blanket of night still enveloped the sky, and it allowed for the falling fragments of light to become very prominent as they illuminated like fireflies. D’daear stood before the large gate that had hindered him from reaching his sister. The walls surrounding the building were so large, and yet the castle that these walls guarded made these gates look so small. One can only imagine just how much of an ant they must be when they start to measure themselves to other things of colossal proportions; for example: the sea of skies.

Heart was flustered as anxiety made itself comfy. He was nervous, and had every right to be. Today, an inexperienced boy would have to venture outside of his own world. So far, his imagination had been kind to him the last couple of hours, which helped ease the anxiety. He remembered the stories regarding the many princes and princesses with their adventures of self-discovery, the happy endings involving these characters, and the gorgeous castles that always acted as a home base or a final destination; there was always some kind of castle involved for reason. A bulb lit up in the boy’s mind as he remained fixated on the castle. To think, the castles he’d probably encounter; perhaps ones as big as the one he was just staring at.

The adolescent placed hands in pocket, letting irises stare away at the castle as if there was a clue to be found. Was there anything this building had to say or show him before he had to leave? Moments passed as the two subjects shared a silence. It was this castle that had separated Della from him. It was here where it started. How funny would it be if it were here where it ended?

When nothing could be found, eyes slowly trailed down the castles form until it was met with the gate. An obvious detail that wasn’t there before caught his eye. There was a keyhole engraved between both doors. Eyes suddenly glared at it, wondering whether he was still sleepy and seeing things or whether that was a legit detail that he had been too blind to see before.

“What in the world…?” he uttered, goggling the shape.

“D’daear.” His grandmother called from behind. He turned to see the woman standing only a few feet away from him, waiting for the boy. When he looked back to the gate, the keyhole was gone. Raising a brow for a second, sigh escaped him as he shut his eyes to rest. Head shook as if to pry loose the sleep that had a hold of him. It was probably his imagination getting out of control. Averting eyes to the floor for a second, D’daear kicked at the light beige colored brick road. “Right…” he replied before advancing towards her.

“Show me your keyblade.” She asked him as he approached.

“What, you expect me to just wield it all of sudden? I spent all night trying to create mines, but it just didn’t happen. It was so bad that I think I had a dream where I summoned the keyblade IN my sleep.” He said, giving her an irritated look that said –You’re the one that’s putting me through this, remember? Don’t expect me to be a professional all of sudden.

“..Fair enough…” she said, looking away rather embarrassed. “…At least you have that fire spell I taught you…” she muttered. She summoned her keyblade and aimed towards the vast expanse of brick road that lay before them. A beam of light shot out from the tip of the key weapon, and as if hitting matter, the beam of light converged with the Y axis in order to create a portal of light that expanded in terms of dimensions. It appeared to be two dimensional, but then again… The colors that emanated from it were silver, black, white, and small shades of purple. Static electricity pulsed from the void that had been conjured, which caused D’daear to take a step back. Regret filled him. “Ok, maybe we’re rushing into this…”

The grandmother sighed, once more removing the keyblade from existence with the light show that it had displayed the previous evening. Placing firm a hand on the boy’s broad shoulders, the other hand pushed D’daear’s chin so that she may look him in the eyes. “Look at me Kiddo. I know you can do this…or else I wouldn’t be asking you to...”

The boy’s fear settled somewhat, feeling the encouragement stir motivation in him, despite the anxiety he was dealing with right now. Right hand curled to a tight fist as if gathering all of his negativity into one spot in order to crush it. With a deep breath, the boy agreed with a nod. Turning to the portal, he commenced to walk towards it, only pausing for a brief moment in hesitation as eyes veered to the skies while he tried to gather courage. The Stars filled the sea of skies, illuminating brightly like diamonds on display.

“…She’s out there…somewhere…” words released themselves softly. Taking a deep breath, eyes redirected their attention towards the portal. The skies suddenly went through sudden shift, with stars unexpectedly rocketing by for a moment. It was like a meteor shower that lasted only for a split second. No one was aware of it, sadly. Unaware of the randomness, D’daear advanced towards the portal, stopping just as he entered to look back towards his grandmother. There she stood, with those powerful emerald eyes that gazed back at him with confidence. No words needed to be exchanged between them in that moment.

She believes in me…” the ethereal words crossed his conscious, just as the portals began to collapse on him.

Before his face became obscured by the closing portal, he gave her a smile while fist tightened even more.

All of his fears, and all the lies that surrounded his lack of confidence melted away, suppressed in the inner most parts of his heart. If a keyblade master believed in him this much, then perhaps he should move forward with the same confidence.

Then, I’ll believe in you too… grandma.”


On an isolated summit off in a new world, a portal made of light manifested from the nothing. It extended, and widened itself in order to allow D’daear passage out of the lane. White static coursed through the portal before it collapsed once again just as it had done back in his home world. The purple haired boy scanned the surroundings. He was standing on a green summit, where patches of dirt were visible. To the left was a clear passageway through the mountain that probably lead to civilization. To the right, concrete structures made a perimeter on the edges of the plateau he was currently residing on. They somewhat resembled railings that you’d normally see on some balcony. Past that, off in the horizon, he could easily make out other mountain formations as well as a castle that chained itself together to other structures. The architecture behind the castle was very different from the castle in his world. This castle had a gothic style to it. Eyelids retracted further to emphasize amazement.

“Whoaaa!” he uttered like a child, running up to the edge of the summit in order to catch a better view of it all. There was suddenly passion in his eyes for the new horizon.

It was a magnificent sight. The large castle, the mountains that neighbored it, and the ingenuity of the pathways that linked each mountain to other mountains, as well as the castle. Just who created this? Wondering how high up he was, he peered down below, catching sight of clouds that latently moved on through. He was indeed on top of a mountain, and the clouds just reaffirmed the altitude. It was surprising, but he was more amazed than frightened. He looked up to the skies, experiencing the plethora of stars that embodied the sea of skies. He looked over to the right to see a large light bulb next to him. It was shining bright while being held in place by a golden curved pole that protruded from a concrete hold. It was well designed, kind of like the ones he had back home.

D’daear took a step back, away from the summits edge but still close enough to keep hands on the railing.

This world, although simple, looked beautiful at this time of night.

Looking back towards the castle, he realized how light was emanating from within. One would surmise one thing. “I guess people are home…” he muttered to himself, noticing the various lights turned on in several parts of the castle.

Averting eyes to the railings, he pondered on what to do. He had a choice….well actually no he did not. He was an inexperienced keyblade wielder, his knowledge on the weapon and how to use it was very mediocre, and he lacked the fighting ability; hell he couldn’t even summon his own keyblade yet. Even if he decided to skip on checking the castle for his sister, where would he go? It’s not like he knew how to create the portal that brought him here in the first place. Upon the realization of his lack of control over this situation, he let out a distressed sigh. Dragging hands off of the stone railing, he walked over to a nearby bench that just happened to be near a tree. Letting head down cast itself, he became oblivious to his surroundings. Approaching the bench, rear end planted itself on the seat. He leaned back and attempted to relax for the moment. Perhaps doing so would help him focus better. However, one thought rang. It was a simple thought, but one that held great meaning that would affect the course of his entire existence.

"What does my future hold for me, now that I can… I mean… Now that I will be able to wield the keyblade…?" he thought as he looked up to the stars once more. While gazing at the plethora of stars, a particular book came to mind; the authors name escaped him. It said every star supposedly represented a world or a person. Supposedly you could foretell the conditions of the past and future to gather insight on the conditions of worlds by merely watching the stars; that is if you learned how to decipher them. At least it was something along those lines. Blue irises trailed the stars one last time, wondering where among them was his sister residing in, and wondering whether these stars were hinting to a bright future for them, or a dark one.

While star gazing while building up the courage to approach the castle, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Eyes widened in shock. What was that? Was someone sitting next to him? How!? Was he seriously that distracted that he would miss someone at this range?!

The young lad’s head turned slowly to the right, where a man sat looking at him.

“Uh, pardon me. I thought I knew everyone, but you must have been to Kingdom of the Sun or Land of Dragons, because I’ve never seen you before.” The man said.

D’daear did his best to stay calm, battling with ambivalence. Sitting upright, he realized how much taller he was than this person. Not like it mattered though. Having been caught off guard, he had no idea how to respond to this new person’s words. 

"Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. Heh... W-what do you mean by 'been to the Kingdom of Sun or land of...dragons' was it?" he said, inquiring about the words which he assumed to be locations.

The man acted sympathetic as he offered his hand to D’daear, implying he wanted to shake hands.  “My name’s Sebastian Noble, but, if we work together, most call me Base.” the man called himself.

 Blue irises stared back at Base, doing his best to not come off as shy. This was the boy’s first time meeting someone that was not from his own world. Was Base a resident of this said world? How was D’daear supposed to act? Was he supposed to just be casual about it or was he not supposed to NOT meddle with the other worlds? Only time would tell as unbeknownst to him, he would embark on an adventure that would force him to meet other people with their own struggles, beliefs, ideals, and goals.


“Through each new heart he meets, his own will grow… This journey will temper him as he searches for Della, and whether he becomes a warrior of the light or one who seeks darkness because of it… Only he can decide that for himself… ” Uttered D’daear’s grandmother as she gazed up at the sea of skies from the world of “Perfect Eev”. She stood atop of the world’s giant castle as dawn broke in the horizon, the clock at the center becoming more prominent.   


D’daear looked onto the man that sat next to him on the summits bench. The hand that was extended out to him awaited its counterpart. The boy looked into the man’s eyes, not sure whether to take it; although Base seemed sincere with his gesture. Hesitant at first, the boy fought through the timidity. This the boy’s first step into becoming stronger, a true first step into fitting in within the sea of skies. After the battle with his timid attitude…

"Uh- …D'daear.... Nice to meet you." the boy replied, extending his own hand slowly. Nervous, D’daear shook Base’s hand. 



Before and during SOS Edit

Kind, Gentle, sweet, and at times over the top enthusiastic. All the traits that innocence harbors. This boy's great heart can forgive, and forget. However, despite the naivety, when push comes to shove, he can push back harder. Determination is what fuels the boy in times of challenge. He can become unrelenting once a goal is set. Of course, like most individuals, he understands the difference between right and wrong; the majority of the times. The simple minded, standard hero, with a lot to learn in terms of how life works. It's during the adventure that the mask of light begins to crumble before him as in quick succession one negative event unfolds after the other. He is left questioning his reality as well as everything he was told by his grandmother. The worlds depicted in the happy fairytales no longer exhibit the same qualities like in the books.



A boy of age seventeen stands tall and cheery before you. Long wild strands of purple hair cover this boy's scalp like grass spread out in its quantities throughout the ground. Of fair height, he stands at five feet, and ten inches; albeit simple grey sneakers add about an inch to the total height. Gentle is this young man's nature, and is further emphasized with a youthful face, and those wide naive blue irises that give him the ability to see. The boy's body is well built, capable of great athleticism with lean muscles that can endure many hardship placed upon the body. He dawns a simple dirt green tangtop that bears a turtleneck line that practically covers the entire neck. A emerald green belt keeps brown baggy pants held together, while looping into the silver belt buckle. Although simple, he has dawned an extra two green belts that intersect at the lower middle section in order to add a bit of flare to the attire. On forearms, a green sweatband keeps itself tight on each arm, with silver bands wrapped tightly around each.

Base StatsEdit


Jobs Edit

Soldier (Equipped) Edit

D'daear's SOS Armor (Uncolored)

Skill Commands

  • Cross-Slash (Equipped)
  • Brave Shot (Equipped)


  • Valor (Equipped)
  • Combo Plus+(Equipped)
  • Combo Plus+ (Equipped)
  • Warrior's Spirit (Equipped)
  • MP Lock (Equipped)

Primary AbilitiesEdit

  • Blend (Equipped)
  • High Jump (Equipped)
  • Combo (Equipped)
  • Aerial Sweep (Equipped)
  • Guard
  • Dodge Roll
  • Item Boost (Equipped)
  • Exp Writer I (Equipped for Body guards and Brawl Missions only)
  • Wrath of the Warrior
  • Magic Lock-on
  • Aerial Combo Plus (Equipped)
  • Combo Plus (Equipped)
  • Battle Cry
  • Cheer (Equipped)
  • Gift
  • Second Wind (Equipped)

Primary Skill CommandsEdit


  • Strike Raid 
  • Sliding Dash
  • Splattercombo 
  • Fire Strike (Equipped)
  • Vorpal Blitz (Equipped)


  • Fire
  • Blizzard
  • Gravity
  • Mine Square
  • Cure
  • Faith




  • Kingdom Key
  • OathKeeper (+2 Stre, +2 Mag)
  • Sweet Memories (Disembark, Investigation, BodyGuard, Brawl, Musical, Events, Lock)
  • Rumbling Rose
  • Monochrome
  • Star Seeker
  • Elementary (Boss)


  • White Fang
  • Holy Circlet (Equipped)
  • White Gloves


  • Hi-Potion
  • Mega-Potion (Equipped)
  • Ether
  • Hi-Ether
  • Balloon Letter


  • Due to KH SOS taking place in an alternate timeline, many things that shouldn't, are, and as a result will drastically change the outcome for this character.
  • D'daear is really spelled out Ddaear and it's Welsh for "Earth".
  • The name was inspired by two games: Mabinogi and Vindictus, which use Norse and Welsh Mythology as the foundation for their storyline.
  • D'daear's fighting style follows similar patterns to two characters: Terra (Kingdom Hearts), and Hurk (Vindictus); coincidentally are both sturdy, powerhouse type characters.
  • D'daear is portrayed by Hexin, who is also the KH Fanfic writer for "In the Times of Fairy Tales "
    • This character is not to be confused with the D'daear from the Fanfic mentioned. ^

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