Throughout the roleplay, players will have the chance to participate in special monthly events that offer great rewards, bonuses, or discounts. Rewards will only be given to those who fully participate and complete the written instructions.


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April Attendance Edit

This event requires the players to post at least once a day in order to earn crowns and other prizes. The event last from April 1st until the 30th, giving everyone the whole of the month to post for a total of 15 Crowns total.

  • Rewards:

- 1 Crown for every 2 days of posting

- April Showers Skill Command (15 days of posting required)

- Cheshire Limit (Post on April 1st)

- Umbrella Keyblade (20 days of posting required)


Battle Quotes EventEdit

This event surrounds the idea of quotes that players speak when in battle. The event will last all of May, giving everyone a one month time span to hand in their recordings. These recordings include basic attack grunts, magic casting, summoning, and much more!


48 Hours of NeutralityEdit

Th objective is simple! During your next boss fight, you are not to attack the enemy in any way, shape, or form. From your turn, to the 48 hour mark, you are not to harm your opponent.


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End of Summer Summon SaleEdit

All priced summons are 50% off!!

  • Only occurs during the last week of August


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Anniversary EventEdit

Players are granted rewards for celebrating the birthday of the SOS roleplay

  • "Trip around the Sun" Limit
  • Players gain 365 Munny, 365 EXP, and 20 crowns to spend at the player's choosing!


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