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Ignis is a Keyblade Master and a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS.





Raisor begins his journey as a very battle hardened person. He will do anything for a fight, even go looking for it purposefully. If, and when, he finds a fight, he enjoys it, and tries to find the fun in it at all times, seeking to make himself a better warrior.

However, Raisor is not beyond compassion and sympathy. When he sees friends or innocent bystanders, he will put himself in the way to help those that need it. He will at times claim it to be a waste of time or a giant pain, but even with all his complaining, he's still someone you can count on to help.

After his disappearance at Land of Dragons and journey to Central Haven, his readiness for battle has calmed a bit. He has learned to keep himself at ease, and not to rush into fights one after the other. He has also learned to take care of himself, which is what led to his disappearance.

Even with all his nice points, Raisor will still try to keep his distance from most people. Unless they're willing to train, he feels more comfortable away from any social interaction, and he'll slip into his own thoughts, usually in a corner or wall away from other people.


Ignis's real personality begins to show itself after her trials through the Castle of Illusions. She cares more about how others feels, and doesn't rely so much on her own personal strength to finish everything.


Raisor's most distinguishing features are his green eyes, which stand out next to crimson-colored hair. He lets his hair stand down, with bands covering his eyes most of the time. To keep his hair out of his face, he wears a grey bandanna.

His attire is mostly casual, with a black shirt under a tan jacket, which he covers with a shroud that he used during his training in his younger years. He wears a simple pair of blue jeans, and shoes that were given to him when he left home.


Leveling Up (33/33[31+2] AP) Edit

  • [1]High Jump (Equipped)
  • [2]Combo (Equipped)
  • [2]Dodge Roll (Equipped)
  • [2]Guard
  • [1]Magic Lock-On
  • [2]Item Boost
  • [2]Aerial Sweep (Equipped)
  • [1]Combo Plus (Equipped)
  • [1]Air Combo Plus (Equipped)
  • [1]Cheer
  • [4]Second Wind (Equipped)
  • [3]Damage Syphon
  • [4]Second Chance
  • [3]Lucky Lucky
  • [1]Cover
  • [3]MP Haste
  • [3]Explosion
  • [3]Aerial Finish (Equipped)
  • [2]Blitz (Equipped)
  • [4]Reload Boost
  • [4]Counterattack
  • [5]Finishing Leap (Equipped)
  • [3]MP Rage
  • Valor (JOB)
  • Combo Plus+ (JOB)
  • Warrior's Spirit (JOB)
  • Quick Offense (JOB)
  • MP Lock (JOB)

Growth & Event Abilities Edit

  • [0]Tribute
  • [0]EXP Writer I
  • [0] EXP Writer II (Equipped)
  • [2]Gift

Limits Edit

  • [3]Warrior's Wrath
  • [4]Warrior Plus
  • [Lunar Eclipse] All For One (Equipped)
  • [5]Trinity Limit

Jobs Available (10 AP) Edit

  • Ninja
  • Soldier (Equipped)
  • Dark Knight


Physical (6/7 SC Slots)Edit

  • Sliding Dash (Equipped)
  • Fire Strike (Equipped)
  • Vorpal Blitz (Equipped)
  • Poison Edge
  • Strike Raid (Equipped)
  • Barrier Surge
  • Cross-Slash (JOB)
  • Fist Bump (Equipped)


  • Firaga
  • Graviga
  • Blizzaga
  • Curaga
  • Stopra
  • Aerora
  • Mine Shield
  • Drain
  • Minega
  • Summon: Bambi
  • Summon: Basil
  • Summon: Fairy Godmother
  • Summon: Mushu
  • Faith
  • Fox Taser


  • Magnify



  • Kingdom Key
  • Twitterpated 
  • Elementary 
  • Hidden Dragon
  • Divewing
  • Starseeker
  • Lunar Eclipse (Equipped)
  • All for One
  • Skull Noise
  • Companion
  • Dual Disk
  • Lionheart
  • Oblivion


  • White fang (Equipped)
  • Brave Warrior
  • Speed Chain



  • The damage calculation for Ignis's personal Limit is (125% Strength(Combo Percentage+30%))*12 + (125% Strength(Combo Percentage * 2))
  • Ground Combo is 240%|8 hits, Air Combo is 210%|4 hits separately. Using Finishing Leap puts it at 350%|12 Hits. Having Aura active makes 400%|15 Hits
  • Ignis is the only character so far to change genders
  • "Army of One", Ignis's personal Limit, is based off a skill with the same name in Final Fantasy XIII
  • Starting off as an original idea of a male swordsman, the character developed into a much more complex character being used in a video game creation.
  • Ignis was one of the first characters to completely change their look with clothing
  • "Ignis" is a Latin word for "fire", also relating to the choice of a Fire Aura at the end of SOS Part 2.