Kaida is a Keyblade wielder and is an active protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS.


Kaida's background is introduced throughout the story in flashback sequences. However it has been revealed that Kaida is from a world where it is always night, and the moon is the guide of the world. Due to the way society works in her world, she has gone through many names, most notably the name Lemon due to how yellow she was in appearance. She soon chose her own name Kaida, and within the same year became an apprentice to her dear friend Seiza.

Kaida and Seiza arrived on Central Haven due to some sort of accident involving a ship. This caused significant damage to Seiza's heart which Kaida blamed herself for causing. After a few months of secluding herself, she met Hikaru , who helped her end her fear of sunlight (since her homeworld had no sun). And a few weeks later, she was given her keyblade by one of the old members of the order. After only a day in the academy, she got herself into a fight with Aux , where the spar quickly heated up and became a fight where Aux was totally ready to finish it without care for Kaida's health. Hikaru interrupted though and not long after, despite many disagreements, the three formed a close bond with each other, often meeting up to spar and chit chat. A little while later, Kaida was inducted into The Order with the codename Dawn. Within the Order, Kaida was shaken off a couple times due to inexperience and not being able to pass the Mark of Mastery exam, which she failed twice.

When Aux and Hikaru abandoned the world unannounced, Kaida became angry and disappointed at the two, and waited for them to come back, since she was forbidden to go off and find them on her own. She continued with missions until she was finally given one that allowed her to impress the Order with how much she'd grown. Then the events of the story begin...

Story: Part OneEdit

Corona Edit

Kaida arrived in Corona with the soul purpose of trying to find and protect the princess, Rapunzel. But the second she had arrived in Corona she had heard from guards that there was already a ruckus going on. The captain also mentioned that his horse, Maximus, had run ahead in full determination to catch a thief. She decided that the first thing she should do is find that horse and then go and protect Rapunzel.

Kaida ran into Maximus and the two in some way agreed to go after the thief, Kaida thinking that he may be the one putting the princess in danger. But by the time she had gotten there, three other keyblade wielders: Cat , Etrius , and Glen , had all made it there and were with the supposed thief, and the princess. While Maximus had run after them all, Kaida hid in the trees to further observe the keyblade wielders, who were meddling in the world more obviously than they should have been.

While watching them, Kaida was caught by Rapunzel in the trees, and she played it off as if she was with the horse. But immediately tossed towards the three keyblade wielders that she had yet to trust them in the world. She avoided telling them however that Rapunzel was the princess. Rapunzel mentioned about arresting the thief, Flynn, after her birthday. Kaida, completely forgetting her mission, happily accepted hoping not to ruin Rapunzel's birthday.

They all went off to the Snuggly Duckling, and Kaida was amazed (or maybe disgusted) at all the surroundings. When the ruffians turned out to be friendly, they introduced them to a conveniently long tunnel used for relationship development. Kaida got to better know the three keybladers, learning that Cat liked to cook, Etrius was easily able to be messed with, and Glen was a little troublemaker. When they left, they finally got to the town where a carnival was going on.

They learned from a florist named Lauriam about the Carnival and where it's roots lay. Then they all went to watch the floating lights, which were a bunch of lanterns. Kaida let off her own and brought lanterns to the others. However the celebration was soon ruined by Vanitas who staged a kidnapping of Mother Gothel, but they had not known this yet.

Kaida ran to go and help out, realizing that Etrius and Glen were both not stable at that moment, and she wanted to make sure no harm came to Rapunzel. They learned a couple tricks along the way before they fought Thresholder. Kaida was knocked out during the fight and became conscious when the fight was over, which already started to show how weak she actually was despite the appearance she tried to put on.

They got in the tower and eavesdropped hearing that it was indeed a setup, and Kaida tried to get Rapunzel out of there before it was too late, accidentally slipping out that Rapunzel was the princess. But by that point it was too late and Vanitas came out of the room, knocked everyone out, and took Rapunzel with him.

Kaida saw the world's keyhole and she locked it, just before she received a call from Replay and was told to bring Cat, Etrius, and Glen back to Central Haven. However at this point, none of them had a reason to trust her, but fortunately they came along anyway.
Aki zpsd400cddb

Kaida's Original Design by Chie Satonaka

Central Haven Edit

Upon her return to her homeworld, Kaida returned to a room filled with complete strangers that all happened to appear at once, much to Replay's dismay. Within the crowd of strangers, she noticed someone who was not: Hikaru. Despite an expected happy reunion, Kaida punched Hikaru in the face in anger due to abandonment. When someone referred to Hikaru as "Krowley", she went into a panic attack believing she had punched her leader in the face.

After calming down significantly, she was brought into a meeting to detail what she encountered on her mission. After finding out the Order had tabs on Hikaru the whole time, she lashed out at them under the assumption they could not trust her. She ran off with the moogle Lea called Jax and she ran off to the library. She had a brief conversation with Seiza, asking for the book Aux had shown extreme interest in before his departure. Seiza told her he was authorized to loan it out, and Kaida ran off to the lower part of Central Haven for a while to go "treasure hunting" with Jax.

When she returned, Hikaru pulled her aside and showed her what happened to Aux and he's charms, then he gave her a charm he whittled for her of a bird. Despite it being poorly made she accepted it and thanked him for it. After their conversation ended, Kaida was saved by Replay (Who at this point was known as D.J.) from a surprise Vanitas attack that failed. D.J. Gave her one of the time travel belts and told her to make her way to Disney Town to speak with Queen Minnie about the attack on Central Haven. She then went back in time an hour and made her way to Disney Town.

Disney Town Edit

Kaida arrived on world onl y to be attacked by heartless immediately. After fighting them all on her town, she seemed to have missed one, which was about to attack. Fortunately she was helped by Max Goof, who appeared on a skateboard and knocked it away. After his retreat, weasel guards and the captain of said guards, Pete, a ppeared looking for him. Kaida purposefully directed them the wrong way and Max came out to thank her.

He explained how he knew someone else that had a keyblade and Max led her to them. When she got there they were intercepted by Pete and his guards, and Kaida along with a newcomer, Cailyn , fought the weasels and the captain, until they retreated. When Kaida attempted to introduce herself to Cailyn, she heard the voice of Beuce and heard them talking about Central Haven, which made her relieved they got out of there (though a little annoyed they were talking so openly about other worlds).

Soon, everyone was running off to look at graffiti left around Disney Town and Kaida followed Beuce, Glen, Karina, Stratos and Base into Symphony of Sorcery.

Symphony of Sorcery Edit

Upon arriving, Kaida followed the group up flooding stairs until they reached Mickey having trouble stopping brooms. The group attempted to stop them but every time they hit the brooms with their keyblade, they would multiply. After getting repeatedly hit around, and just overall having a bad day, Kaida basically consented Glen's murder by Karina. When the chaos passed, from Mickey stopping the brooms with Stopza and calming them all down, they entered a book in search of musical notes which were pieces to restore a spell that would fix up the broom mess once and for all.

The group went on a musical adventure through the book in order to find pieces, and when they finally reached the end of all their fighting and adventures, they ran into a man with the final piece, who asked everyone a question, but specifically asked Kaida what her purpose for being in this world was, and whether or not it was truly alright for her to be counter meddling the meddling that was already being done in foreign worlds. Kaida then responded to him by saying that she understood what she was doing, but it was important for people to step up to make sure things were set right when they were wronged, and that the notes were just as important to her as everyone else in the group for the same reasons.

After giving her answer, the man handed her over the final piece and they transported in a blinding light back to Mickey to complete the spell and clean up the mess. When Yen Sid came back, he tried to put all the blame on Mickey but everyone in the group stepped in to defend him and take the blame or share the blame. Soon they all left back through the ink, knowing that the Yen Sid and Mickey of that world would forget about them and their timeline would continue as normal. Though Kaida was freaking out over seeing Yen Sid in person after hearing about all of his stories from when she trained at the academy.

Back in Disney Town Edit

Kaida 2

Kaida's Design by turtle-ray9

Kaida's freak out was still going on about Yen Sid, and Kaida began wondering where Karina stepped off to and she got caught up on the situation

with Yen Sid and what not, since she had been separated from the rest of the group for quite some time. She also apologized to Glen for giving the okay to Karina killing him in Symphony of Sorcery.

After offering for the group to get ice cream, they were interrupted by Goofy, who recognized the rest of the party. He was looking for Max and while Karina criticized Goofy for not giving a decent enough description, Kaida already met Max, and was able to describe him in a fairly accurate manner. Right then Max skateboarded on by, getting away from Pete, and looking in fear when Goofy found him before he ran into a wall. When Pete tried to arrest Max, and Goofy was having a "am I a bad father?" moment, more heartless spawned and everyone ran after them until they got to a cloaked figure that was responsible for the heartless and was looking for, "A mouse, a book, and a hot date" and while Kaida was not directly involved with the idea of having Karina pose as the hot date, 

it didn't matter because they immediately mentioned how they wanted Minnie Mouse and Minnie Mouse alone. He then revealed himself to be Mortimer Mouse, and he quickly slipped away after leaving Karina a kiss on the lips, which only enraged her and since Glen began laughing she tried to kill him again. This time however Kaida stopped her, saying she wouldn't consent to his death again. They then went off to find Mortimer, as well as the rest of the group, and ended up sucked into the wasteland.

The Wasteland Edit

Having been cast into the MickeyJunk Mountain with only Hikaru and Glen, Kaida was woken up by Glen accidentally tripping over her leg and Hikaru offering her a hand which she accepted. The group was observing their location when they found Mickey in the junk with all of them. They realized they were probably drawn in because they were keyblade wielders, but Mickey had no idea what a keyblade was. But he did know that all of the junk around was stolen from Mickey. Kaida suggested they use the items to trigger some of Mickey's lost memories The group began to walk through the junk when suddenly the ink began to darken and attempt to suck them in. While Kaida managed to help Hikaru escape, unfortunately for her the ink sucked her right down and she ended up becoming a prisoner of the Mad Doctor.

They attempted to find ways to escape the cages, and the doctor was singing his plans and Kaida began referencing him as "Doctor Offpitch" and she questioned how getting hearts would turn him into a toon. Kaida attempted to reason by rhyming back with him, but she was definitely having trouble with it. Eventually she composed a plan to throw her keyblade like a throwing spear at the poorly put together doctor, but her plans went south when he parried it away very simply.Soon Oswald came in and gave Mickey his keyblade, and they fought the Mad Doctor and soon everyone was free, but they had to go and fight the main boss. Kaida stuck around and helped destroy the bloticles in a very elongated fight sequence. She then joined in on the fight to get Mortimer Mouse taken down.

The End of Part One Edit

They were then transported back to Disney Town, where Kaida soon found herself without a keyblade, and Aux was there to throw them into darkness. He threw everyone in one by one, until all that was left was Kaida and Hikaru. While Kaida confronted Aux about being a coward, and not being able to realize when he's failed, Kaida didn't know she was reflecting on herself and she said the reason Aux was still a coward was because he still wore the helmet. But when Aux took it off, it only angered Kaida more, and she ran in for the attack before she was being strangled. While she survived it, she tried to fight and protect Hikaru, since his shoulder had been broken. But Aux responded by punching her so hard in the face that she was nearly knocked out before Aux said goodbye and threw Kaida and Hikaru into the darkness.

There in darkness, she would be found by D'daear and Raisor unconscious.


Redesign Jump

Kaida's Redesign by turtle-ray9

Kaida is very energetic, and also very full of herself. Due to this combination, she acts very quickly and without thinking about possible consequences. In fact, most of the time she won't listen to the full mission, she will just act based on the first few statements. This attribute shows the most when the mission involves friends. She is also known to get a little too hot headed or manic at the flip of a switch. However, she does know when to quiet down and get serious, and focus her full attention on a task.


Kaida takes on a similar appearance to what she always had. She is about 5'4'' tall and no longer has extremely pale skin. But she still has blonde hair and brown eyes and enjoys wearing a lot of yellows and black, since it does remind her of home in a comforting way.

  • Kaida- Blot Form (Original by CCDooMo, Modified by cstar)
  • Kaida- Data Form (original by CCDooMo, Modified by cstar)


  • Current AP is 0/27
Ability Description AP Equipped
High Jump Leap into the air.

(Allows the player to attack higher targets)

1 Yes
Combo When normally attacking, adds in a few extra hits for higher damage. Combo deals 3 hits. (Attack +30%) 2 Yes
Combo Plus Increases maximum ground combo by 1.(Combo required, Boosts combo by 20%) 1 Yes
Magic Lock-on Base Accuracy for all Magic becomes 100% 1 Yes
Air Combo Plus Increases maximum air combo by 1.

(Aerial Sweep required, Boosts Air attack by 25%)

1 ---
Aerial Sweep Unleashes a powerful leaping combo on targets in the air. Aerial Sweep deals 3 hits.

(High Jump required, Boosts Air attack by 35%)

2 ---
Guard Uses a turn to protect against physical attacks and deflects certain projectiles 2 ---
Item Boost Increases the effectiveness of recovery items in Boss Battles 2 ---
Dodge Roll Increase Dodge Rate by "X"%(The X represents your speed stat) 2 ---
EXP Writer I For every 20 words the player writes, they will be awarded 1 EXP. (OOC Messages aren't tallied, Maximum 30 EXP per post)

Only active during Bodyguard, or Brawl Missions

0 ---
EXP Writer II For every 10 words the player writes, they will be awarded 1 EXP. (OOC Messages aren't tallied, Maximum 60 EXP per post) Only active during Brawl missions 0 Yes
Gift Costs 1 MP to use. The Player uses their turn to gift a fellow party member with a random item. The player must have a free item slot to accept the gift.
  • 50% chance of receiving a Potion or Ether
  • 30% chance of receiving a Hi-Potion or Hi-Ether
  • 10% chance of receiving an Elixir
  • 8% chance of receiving a Mega-Potion or Mega-Ether
  • 2% chance of receiving an Ultra-Potion
2 ---
Second Chance Ensures 1 HP remains after taking a hit that deals more than 40% of your HP in damage. 4 ---
Lucky Lucky Increase gambling chances by 5%

Equip to entire party to boost effect

3 ---
Second Wind Recover from Knockout ONCE with 50% HP. 4 ---
Cheer Extend Controlled and Auto summons by 1 cycle. Equipping this ability to the entire party increases the effect. 1 --
Cover Uses a turn to protect an ally with Guard. (Guard Required) 1 ---
MP Haste Restore 1 MP after dealing over 100 physical damage in an attack. 3 Yes
Explosion Combo Finisher. Generates revolving orbs of exploding light.'40% Damage to target and surrounding enemies (Combo finisher Adds 4 Hits) 3 ---
Aerial Finish Unleashes a powerful finishing combo move to an air combo.'(High Jump required, Boosts Air attack by 50%) 3 ---
Finishing Leap Combo finisher. Jumps high into the air while attacking at the end of a combo. (After finishing a combo, this ability shifts you into performing an aerial combo right after) 5 ---
Reload Boost Cooldowns decrease by 1 turn for Skill Commands

(Cannot decrease a cooldown past 3 Turns)

4 Yes
Blitz Increases the Power of your combo by 30% 2 Yes
MP Rage If more than 50 damage is taken in an attack, restore 1 MP. 3 Yes

Skill CommandsEdit

Ability Slots CG Cooldown Power Element Description Equipped
Sliding Dash 1 20% 3 Turns 160% None Punish enemies with a charging attack. No
Strike Raid 1 10% 2 Turns 140% None Throw the Keyblade at the enemy. Stuns some foes. Yes
April Showers 1 0% 7 Turns N/A Space Causes it to rain for 5 cycles. Thunder damage is doubled, but Fire is halved! No
Reluctancy 1 0% 7 Turns N/A Space Neither side can harm the other for 1 whole cycle! No
Launch 1 10% 6 Turns N/A Gravity Catapults another player to the enemy to attack in your place. Does 200% damage to all enemies No
Powerline 1 20% 3 Turns 100% Thunder Perform a zooming charge that deals Thunder damage. This command's power can increase over time, and each hit can hit any enemy of your choosing(1 hit + 1 more at every 16th level) No
Fist Bump 1 40% 4 Turns 250% Fire The user knocks back the enemy with a powerful punch. Moments later, an explosion is detonated, damaging all surrounding enemies) No
Splattercombo 1 30% 4 turns 150% Darkness A six hit combo that sheds off MP from the opponent. Restores the MP gauge by 2. Yes
Poison Edge 1 10% 5 turns 150% Darkness Ground Perform a jumping attack that poisons some foes. 40% Poison chance. (1 hit) No
Vorpal Blitz 1 30% 3 turns '175% -'250% 'Ice'Ground Execute three overhead jumping attacks with the Keyblade. The final strike is critical on aerial enemies. (3 hits) No
Thunder Bell 1 30% 4 Turns 300% 'Thunder'Projectile The player fires a bell shaped projectile made of lightning at an opponent. Yes


Magic Description Equipped
Firaga Scorch the opposition with supreme fire magic.

- 20% chance to inflict the Burn status

Blizzara Chill the opposition with powerful ice magic.''Damages up to 2 targets

- 15% chance to inflict the Freeze status

Thundara Shock the opposition with powerful lightning magic.'Damage divided by the number of enemies

- 15% chance to inflict the Paralysis status

Aero Halves Physical Damage taken for 3 Cycles. No
Gravira Alters gravity around the opponent for 4 turns Yes
Stopga Stops target for 1 cycle. No
Cura Restore a lot of HP.

(+1HP for each MP you own)

Seeker Mine Summons a group of 5 explosive charges that hunt and seek out any nearby ground targets. No
Drain Heals 25% of your HP by draining life from an enemy target. No


  • Battle Cry



Ability CG Description Equipped
Symphonia 200% An orchestral limit that requires teamwork to pull off successfully. A pattern of instruments is made to initiate the limit. The party members must post themselves playing all 30 instruments in 24 Hours flat to unleash the limit's full potential of 1,000 Magic Damage! (4 AP) No
Trip Around The Sun 300% The Limit harnesses a year's worth of sun power and bursts onto the enemy in a blazing ball of fire. Always deals 365 Damage for every year you've been in SOS. [currently 3 years] (5AP) Yes
Hunter Strike 100% At high speed, dash quickly through multiple foes (Max. 3) (3AP) (Air or Ground Targets) No
Hunter Mist 200% The Hunter unleashes a mist that increases the party's evasion by 50% for 3 cycles. (4AP) No
Fusion Limits (Level 1) 100% Combination attacks with party members, activated once the party member has reached a friendship level of 5. Activated by vocal cues. (Currently set up with Hikaru, Beuce, Glen, and Aislinn) Yes



Keyblade Effect Description Equipped
Kingdom Key
  • No Bonus Effects
The key chain attached draws out the Keyblade's true form and power. No
  • +0 to all stats
  • Guard: Allows the user to block attacks
  • There must be some use for this...: All attacks deal 1 damage
This looks awfully familiar...Seems lacking in every way, shape, and form. It appears someone intended this as a joke, but use it enough and you may find something happens... No
Destiny's Embrace
  •  +4 Strength, +4 Magic, +1 MP
A keyblade that makes it easier to land critical hits. No
KnockOut Punch
  • +6 Strength, +2 Speed, +1 MP
  • Smackdown: A combo finisher that slams the keyblade down on the enemy. (+60% to Aerial enemies, +40% to Ground Enemies)
"A Keyblade that lands fewer critical hits, but compensates with a Strength boost and more frequent Reality Shifts." No
  • 4 Years: (+6 Strength, +6 Magic, +3 MP)
  • Heart's Promise: Gain 3 Strength and 3 Magic each time you are brought back from a knockout during the battle.
A true and loyal blade, it's power increases with each year spent in SOS. Yes
  • +1 Strength, +5 Magic, +1 MP
  • Maestro: Musical Missions grant an additional crown.
"A Keyblade with long reach that provides an extra boost in Magic and musical bonus." No
Whittling Promises
  • Shooting Star: ​(Once Per Battle) For three cycles, all attacks, commands, and magic scale on speed in addition to what they ordinarily would
"A keyblade forged on the idea of promising to become stronger. Fast as lightning. She's like the yellow flash." Yes
  • +4 Strength +5 Speed, 1 MP
  • Lolipop: Automatically cures any status ailments.
  • Baymax Summon!
"A keyblade providing a healthy boost in stats. Ideal for any physically active wielder." No
Circle of Life
  • 4 Years: (+8 Strength, +6 Speed. -1 MP)
"Possessing colossal power, it's power increases every 2 years spent in SOS." No
Blessed Thief
  • +2 Strength, +3 Speed
  • Treasure Magnet: Gives 30 munny for every post made in Brawl and BodyGuard missions
"Accurate, swift, Ideal for the quick and nimble Munny grabber." No


  • Musketeer Hat (Equipped)
  • Speed Chain


  • 1 Hi-Potion (Equipped)


  • Red Mage (Equipped)
  • Ninja


  • The name Kaida means "Little Dragon" in Japanese. This may or may not hint towards her quick tempered personality.
  • Kaida wears yellow because her world is always night, and it is preferred for them to wear bright colors in order to be seen. However, outside of her world, all the yellow may seem a little excessive.
  • Kaida's order codename, Dawn, is actually a reference the Order gives towards her keyblade master's name. Her master was the one who ended up giving up their spot in the Order for her.
  • At this point in time, Kaida is the only member of the Order who is not a keyblade master. This wouldn't bother her so much but she is not the youngest member of the Order.
  • Kaida was given the keyblade by Sora, she also took his place in the Order when he left.