I want to be someone who people can go to for help with no second doubts or hesitation. Someone who can actually help solve problems and not make them worse. That's what I want out of my life.

Kel is a keyblade Master and a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS.


Kel To be revised


Kel was one of the second batch of keyblade wielders that had arrived at Land of Departure. His first world was Deep Jungle which was filled with some interesting experiences.


Part I For the beginning part of Part I, Kel mainly kept to himself. Doing more thinking than talking to the point where it would appear that he wasn't even there. He still wasn't all that trusting of his thoughts enough to voice them.

As time went on and more and more keyblade wielders joined the SOS Brigade (Might as well start calling us this), he gradually started to more comfortable speaking his thoughts and slowly went back to his old self.

*Notable Traits of his 'Old self': Calm, Helpful and Loyal

Part II OnwardEdit

To be added once we get to Part II

  • Kel Mark of Mastery and Onward
  • Soldier Kel (Part 1)
  • Black Mage Kel
  • Ninja Kel
  • Ranger Kel
  • Pirate Kel
  • Soldier Kel (Part 2)
  • Magic Knight Kel


Kel is a blue haired, blue eyed teen who wears an outfit specially made from his home world. (See image) Along with this is his father's gloves that he wears at all times, and a cross necklace kept hidden in his undershirt for good luck. His father told him that the materials that made the necklace were special and would help him if he ever needed it.


  • Blend
  • High Jump (Equipped)
  • Combo (Equipped)
  • Guard (Equipped)
  • Dodge Roll (Equipped)
  • Item Boost
  • EXP Writer I -> EXP Writer II (Equipped)
  • Magic Lock-On
  • Aerial Sweep (Equipped)
  • Combo Plus (Equipped)
  • Air Combo Plus (Equipped)
  • Second Wind (Equipped)
  • Gift
  • Tribute (Equipped)
  • Cheer (Equipped)
  • Damage Syphoon (Equipped)
  • Lucky Lucky
  • Cover
  • MP Haste
  • Second Chance (Equipped)
  • Explosion (Equipped)
  • Aerial Finish (Equipped)
  • Blitz (Equipped)
  • Finishing Leap (Equipped)
  • Reload Boost (Equipped)
  • Berserk


Level Exp Munny Crowns HP MP Strength Speed Defense Magic Resistance Max Ap
42 46,195/49,500


1 88 7(+3) 67(+8) 22 22(+2) 12(+6) 17 63(+2)

Skill Edit


  • Strike Raid
  • Fire Strike 
  • Barrier Surge  
  • Aerial Slam (Slot Equipped) 
  • Zantetsuken (Slot Equipped)
  • Poison Edge
  • Splattercombo (Slot Equipped)
  • Vorpal Blitz (Slot Equipped)
  • Fist Bump (Slot Equipped)


  • Faith
  • Fox Taser


  • Fire -> Fira -> Firaga
  • Gravity -> Gravira -> Graviga
  • Blizzard -> Blizzara -> Blizzaga
  • Cure -> Cura -> Curaga
  • Mine Square -> Mine Shield -> Seeker Mine
  • Stop -> Stopra -> Stopga
  • Aero -> Aerora
  • Thunder -> Thundara
  • Drain


  • Mushu (Summon Equipped)
  • Marahute (Summon Equipped)
  • Fairy Godmother (Summon Equipped)
  • Baymax (Summon Equipped)
  • Cheshire Cat


  • Wrath of the Warrior -> Warrior Plus
  • Dragonblaze (Equipped)
  • Trip Around the Sun (Equipped) 
  • All for One
  • Resonance Blade  


  • Reluctancy
  • April Showers
  • Battle Cry
  • Magnify 


  • Soldier (Equipped)
  • Monk
  • Ninja
  • Dark Knight
  • Red Mage

Job SkillsEdit

Soldier (Active)Edit

  • Cross Slash


  • Dolphin Blow

Ninja Edit

  • Ninja Vanish

Dark Knight Edit

  • Dark Aura

Red Mage Edit

  • Red Slash

Job AbilitiesEdit

Soldier (Active)Edit

  • Valor
  • Combo Plus +
  • Quick Offense 
  • Warrior's Spirit
  • MP Lock


  • Focus
  • Bare Hands
  • Brace
  • Mantra
  • Invigorate

Ninja Edit

  • Synch Blade
  • Magical Lock
  • Reload Boost
  • Smokescreen
  • First Strike

Dark Knight Edit

  • Soul Eater
  • Dread Spikes
  • Darkness Boost
  • Dark Magic
  • Lingering Darkness

Red Mage Edit

  • Synch Blade
  • Dual Cast
  • Valor
  • Wisdom
  • Master of None

Drive FormsEdit

  • Blot Form
  • Data Form



  • Kingdom Key
  • Jungle King
  • Blessed Thief (Brawl/Bodyguard Equipped)
  • Stroke of Midnight
  • Lady Luck
  • Hidden Dragon
  • Frolic Flame 
  • Divewing 
  • Oathkeeper (+4)
  • Unbound (+4)
  • Spellbinder
  • Star Seeker 
  • All for One
  • Resolute Heart (Story/Everything Non Mission Related Equipped)
  • Skull Noise
  • Compainion 
  • Counterpoint (Musical Mission Equipped)
  • Photon Debugger
  • Oblivion (+6) (Boss Battle Equipped)
  • Lionheart
  • Crescent Crown
  • Lofty Grasp


  • White Fang (Equipped)
  • Brave Warrior
  • Speed Chain
  • Energy Bangle
  • Moogle Badge 
  • Musketeer Hat


  • <Phoenix Down (x2)> 
  • <Ether (x1)>
  • <Balloon Letter (x1)>
  • <Hi-Ether (x1)>
  • <Empty Slot>



  • Kel has gone through multiple phases to get where he's at.
  • At one point during his making, his name was Shane.
  • He has his own Code of Honor
  • There's a possibility that Nequa either is stalking him, or wants him dead for reasons unknown. (After the events of Camelot, it is most likely the latter.)
  • He likes frogs
  • Due to a unforeseen mishap involving his name being used in a different rp, there is now a AU Kel exclusive to LvD
  • There is a likely chance that Kel will dye his hair white later in the rp. Cause white hair = awesomeness (While the latter remains to be true, Kel likely won't be changing his hair color)
  • His father is has similar personality traits of Cross Marian from D. Gray-man
  • Kel too is best girl


  • Ego's are physical manifestations of the users soul
  • Should an Ego be destroyed, the wielder will experience sharp moments of pain in their chest as the soul attempts to repair itself
  • If the soul cannot be repaired, the the controller of the ego will be consumed with darkness and rage, even taking on the form of the destroyed Ego
  • Only denizens from Solucia are able to use them however through special means others can be able to use them.
  • Ego's are inspired by both Stands, Personas, Avatars, and many other things
  • In most cases the Ego's shown will either be from Cardfight Vanguard or Yu-Gi-Oh
  • While this may or may not stick with Kel, Egos will still be seen in another non KH related OC of MoK