The Kingdom Key

Keyblades are mysterious weapons that are heavily featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. Wielded by players, the Keyblade is a main part of the battle between Darkness and Light.

The Keyblade chooses it's master, and knowing this, Yen Sid sent letters searching for whoever could wield the blade to assist in a time of desperation. Though Eraqus pointed out that only a select few could wield it, the wizard reminded him that so long as they have a strong heart, anyone could wield it.


The origins of the Keyblades is, thus far, unclear. Each game references the special qualities of the wielders and some give vague explanations of the Keyblades' power, but none have shown where the Keyblades originated, how they are created, or what their original purpose might have been. One legend mentioned in Kingdom Hearts states that the Keyblade master saved the world, while another said he wrought chaos and destruction upon it.


As the name implies, in combat, Keyblades are used in a manner similar to swords. Despite the fact that most possess no actual cutting edge, Keyblades still make efficient combat weapons, and are shown to be particularly effective weapons against enemies. However, as a downside to this, the Heartless use the Keyblade as a homing beacon, and thus Keyblade wielders are at constant risk of Heartless attacks at any time.

The main power of the Keyblade, however, is the ability to seal or open the barriers between worlds, as well as to "lock" a world's Keyhole, preventing the Heartless from attacking that world's heart. As an offset of this ability, the Keyblade can also be used to lock or unlock any lock, allowing the user to access any sealed interior, whether it be a locked room, gate, or treasure chest. The Keyblade opens and shuts locks by emitting a bright, thin beam of light; this can also be used as an attack against certain enemies, although it is not featured in general game-play.

Players also have the ability to turn their Keyblades into vehicles and use them to travel to other worlds.

List of KeybladesEdit

Keyblade Effect Description Obtained

New Picture (1)2Kingdom Key

No Bonus effects

"The key chain attached draws out the Keyblade's true form and power."

Starting Keyblade

Jungle King KH

Jungle King

  • +3 Strength
  • Reach: 100% chance of hitting the opponents around your target
"Has a long reach, but seldom deals critical blows. Basic for the jungle defender." Lock the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.
Price: 1,500 Munny

BlessedThief KH

Blessed Thief

  • +2 Strength
  • +3 Speed
  • Treasure Magnet: Gives 30 munny for every post made in Brawl and BodyGuard missions
"Accurate, swift, Ideal for the quick and nimble Munny grabber."

Given by King Richard in Nottingham.
Price: 2,000 Munny

Twitterpated KH


  • +2 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • Young Bambi Summon!
  • Cheer+: Extend time for Auto and Controlled summons by 2 cycles
"A sure sign that spring is here. Spreads magical bliss onto the user."

Lock the Keyhole in The Great Forest.
Price: 3,000 Munny

18Treasure Trove

  • +3 Strength
  • +2 Magic
  • Jackpot: Increases Munny gained for each written word in Investigation Missions. 10 Munny is granted for every 100 Words.
"A Keyblade that makes up for its poor reach with a balanced boost in Strength and Magic. It's ability is more rare than most jewels."

Lock the Keyhole in Dwarf Woodlands.
Price: 2,250 Munny

Ferris Gear KH3DFerris Gear

  • +2 Strength
  • +4 Magic
  • Dumbo Summon!
  • Hurricane Period: The player flips vertically, striking enemies near them (Adds 35% to Aerial combos)
"Something festive and fun to drown out your sorrows. It's poor strength is made up for in magic."

Lock the Keyhole in Pachyderm Parade.
Price: 2,000 Munny


  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Speed
  • Marahute Summon!
  • Hyper Healing: Revives a fallen Party Member with 50% of their overall HP. ONCE PER PARTY MEMBER
"A Keyblade that provides a balanced boost in Strength and Speed. The light blade allows for easy use."

Lock the Keyhole in The Outback.
Price: 3,000 Munny


  • +2 Strength
  • +4 Speed
  • Screen: Gain 20% resistance to any element.
"A Keyblade that gifts the user with speed over strength. To outwit your opponent, you must be quick."

Lock the Keyhole in Baker Street.
Price: 1,000 Munny

Stroke of MidnightStroke of Midnight

  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • Fairy Godmother Summon!
  • MP Gift+: Sacrifice 1 MP to restore 3 MP to an ally
"A Keyblade that makes it easy to land hits with strength and magic. Best suited for the kind ally."

Lock the Keyhole in Castle of Dreams.
Price: 1,200 Munny

Frolic FlameFrolic Flame

  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • Fire Starter: Has a 100% chance of burning the opponent
"A well-balanced Keyblade that provides an extra boost in strength and Magic. Burn your enemies to a crisp."

Given by Blaze of The Order in Chapter 12.
Price: 1,300 Munny

Lady Luck KHLady Luck

  • +2 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • Cheshire Cat Summon!
  • Lucky Lucky: Increases gambling chances by 5%. Equip to entire party to boost effect.
"Significantly enhances magic and summon power. Low in power, but lucky in the long run."

Lock the Keyhole in Wonderland.
Price: 1,750 Munny

Hidden Dragon KH2Hidden Dragon

  • +3 Strength
  • +2 Speed
  • +2 Magic
  • Mushu Summon!
  • MP Rage: Recover 1 MP for every 50 HP lost.
"A versatile blade with enough firepower to level the playing field."

Lock the Keyhole in Land of Dragons.
Price: 2,500 Munny

Kots SOSLlama Head

  • +3 Strength,
  • +3 Speed
  • +3 Magic
  • Groove: Gain 50% Critical Chance when above 80% Health.
"A well rounded keyblade with a trio of possibilities."

Lock the Keyhole in Kingdom of the Sun.
Price: 4,500 Munny

Destiny's Embrace KHBBS

Destiny's Embrace

  •  +4 Strength
  •  +4 Magic
  •  +1 MP
  • Maximus Summon!
  • Daybreak: Increase Light attacks by 50% and Dark Resistance by 25%
"A keyblade that makes it easier find the light in the darkness."

Given by Tor, from Lauriam in Corona.

Price: 3,500

Spellbinder KH


  • +2 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • +2 MP
  • MP Haste: Boosts MP recovery rate in battle, Restores 1 MP every 3 cycles
"Raises max MP by 2, and significantly enhances magic and MP recovery power."

Given by Merlin in Camelot.

Price: 3,500

Divine Rose KH

Divine Rose

  • +6 Strength
  • +3 Speed
  • Berserk: Boosts attack power by 50% when HP is critically low. (Below 25%)
"A powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect. A true example that every rose has it's thorns."

Given by the Beast in Beasts Castle.

Price: 3,500

Rumbling Rose KHII

Rumbling Rose

  • +4 Strength
  • +4 Magic
  • +1 MP
  • Finishing Plus: Adds a powerful boot to combo finishers (+35% to combo finishers)
"Though it appears to be powerful, the keyblade caters to a more balanced set, allowing finishing combo moves to be unleashed successively."

Given by Vincent in Beasts Castle.

Price: 3,500

Star Seeker

Star Seeker

  • +5 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • +1 MP
  • Fluid Combo+: Extends combos by 2 hits. (+40% to Ground or Aerial combos)
"A keyblade that makes it easier to stay on enemies during ground or aerial combos."

Given by A Holo-Yen Sid in Mysterious Tower.

Price: 2,750

Knockout Punch KH3D

Knockout Punch

  • +6 Strength
  • +2 Speed
  • +1 MP
  • Smackdown: A combo finisher that slams the keyblade down on the enemy. (+60% to Aerial enemies, +40% to Ground Enemies)
"A Keyblade that compensates it's Speed with a Strength boost and powerful finisher."

Given by Max in Disney Town

Price: 3,500



  • +1 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • +1 MP
  • Maestro: Musical Missions grant an additional crown.
"A Keyblade with long reach that provides an extra boost in Magic and musical bonus."

Given by Yen Sid in Symphony of Sorcery

Price: 3,000



  • +4 Strength
  • +4 Speed
  • Item Booster: Restoration item effects are doubled.
"Increases the effect of restoration items used on the field."

Given by Pete in Timeless River

Price: 2,300

All for One

All for One

  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • +1 MP
  • All 4-1: Gain 25% additional Critical Damage for every ally in your party.
"A balance keyblade with more frequent critical hits."

Given by Princess Minnie in Country of the Musketeers

Price: 3,200

200px-Skull Noise KH3D

Skull Noise

  • +5 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • Second Wind: Recover from knockout with 100% HP once.
"A keyblade providing a balanced boost in strength and magic." Obtain a Player Pin.

Price: 3,000



  • +4 Strength
  • +5 Speed
  • +1 MP
  • Lolipop: Automatically cures any status ailments.
  • Baymax Summon!
"A keyblade providing a healthy boost in stats. Ideal for any physically active wielder." Obtained in Sanfransokyo

Price: 3,500

Guardian Bell

Guardian Bell

  • +4 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • +1 MP
  • Ringing Echo: Inflicting status effect durations are doubled.
"A Keyblade with long reach that provides an extra boost in Magic and ringing sensations." Obtained in La Cite des Cloches

Price: 3,000


Photon Debugger

  • +5 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • Thunder Boost: Increases the player's Thunder attacks by 100%
"Increases damage done by Thunder-based attacks." Given by Tron in Space Paranoids

Price: 2,500


Dual Disc

  • 5 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • Reboot: If the player is knocked out, their CG remains unaffected.
"A blade that looks to the future, and not the present." Given by Rinzler in The Grid

Price: 3,000



  • +5 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • Glitch: If an attack misses, this keyblade will allow it to glitch onto the target regardless. Increases all accuracy to 100%
"A keyblade for any sweet tooth, to give their play style the ultimate sugar rush." Given by Vanellope in Game Central Station

Price: 4,000



  • +6 Strength
  • +5 Speed
  • Protect and Serve: Increases all party member's HP by 10%
"For the brave of heart that choose to fight for what they believe in. Also has great physical power." Given by the ZPD in Zootopia

Price: 4,000

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

  • +6 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • Hakuna Matata: Increases all party members' MP by 1.
"Understanding that we are all connected, this keyblade strengthens the ties to those you have around you." Given by Timon and Pumbaa in Pridelands

Price: 4,000

List of Unlockable KeybladesEdit

Keyblade Effect Description Obtained

Sweet MemoriesSweet Memories

  • +0 strength
  • Crown Converter: Converts munny gained into Crowns. (Conversion rate is 1 crown for every 50 munny)
Although it does not enhance attack strength, it will strengthen you in other ways.

Slay the Dark Lord; Christopher Robin in 100 Acre Ball Park.


  • +1: (+2 Strength, +1 Magic)
  • +2: (+3 Strength, +2 Magic, +1 Speed)
  • +3: (+4 Strength, +3 Magic, +2 Speed)
  • +4: (+4 Strength, +3 Magic, +2 Speed, +1 MP)
  • +5: (+4 Strength, +4 Magic, +3 Speed, +1 MP)
  • +6: (+4 Strength, +4 Magic, +3 Speed, +1 MP, +2 AP)
  • +7: (+5 Strength, +4 Magic, +4 Speed, +1 MP, +3AP
  • +8: (+5 Strength, +5 Magic, +4 Speed, +2 MP, +4AP)
  • +9: (+5 Strength, +5 Magic, +5 Speed, +2 MP, +5 AP)
Keyblade perfection. Offers a small boost in many stats as you chronicle the worlds. Its power grows with each journaled adventure! +1 = 1 edit
+2 = 5 edits
+3 = 12 edits
+4 = 25 edits
+5 = 40 edits
+6 = 55 edits
+7 = 72 edits
+8 = 100 edits
+9 = 135 edits


  • Under a Year: (+2 Strength, +2 Magic)
  • 1 Year: (+3 Strength, +3 Magic)
  • 2 Years: (+4 Strength, +4 Magic, +1 MP)
  • 3 Years: (+5 Strength, +5 Magic, +2 MP)
  • 4 Years: (+6 Strength, +6 Magic, +3 MP)
  • Heart's Promise: Gain 10% Strength and Magic each time you are brought back from a knockout during the battle.
A true and loyal blade, it's power increases with each year spent in SOS.

Anniversary Event (Power grows each year).



  • 2 Years: (+6 Strength, +4 Speed)
  • 4 Years: (+8 Strength, +6 Speed. -1 MP)
  • 6 Years: (+10 Strength, +8 Speed, -2 MP)
  • 8 Years: (+12 Strength, +10 Speed, -3 MP)
  • Dark Control: Gain an extra 25% CG each time a darkness command is used.
Possessing colossal power, it's power increases every 2 years spent in SOS.

Completing the Mark of Mastery Exam

Umbrella KHD


  • +0 to all stats
  • Excalipoor: Has a 1% chance of dealing 999 Damage.
This looks awfully familiar...Seems lacking in every way, shape, and form. It appears someone intended this as a joke, but use it enough and you may find something happens... April Attendance Event

​List of Player KeybladesEdit

Keyblade Effect Description Owner

Guiding LightGuiding Light

Protector's Blessing: (One Per Battle) Reduces strength by 20% and increases both defense and HP by 20% "A keyblade for those willing to put their life on the line for those they view as family." Aislinn

Crystal's-blessingCrystal's Blessing

Crystalline Shield: ​(Once Per Battle) Heals all party members by 20% HP, then recovers a further 20% HP each round for 3 rounds, and grants aero and reflect for the duration "Blessed with protective magic, this keyblade has a long reach with extraordinary defenses.  A must for any Sage in training." Ananta

Phoenix's-lightPhoenix's Light

Rebirth: (Once Per Battle) When all party members are K.O', they are revived at 50% HP instead of the fight ending. "The light of the legendary bird bound into a keyblade. His flame guards those in his favor from their demise." Andrew

Lofty-graspLofty Grasp

Dichromatic Resonance: (Once Per Battle) For three cycles, any time an attack is used, half of its scaling is gained additionally in the opposite stat (Physical causes a gain from magic, and magic causes a gain in physical) In addition, these attacks can be treated as either physical or magic damage at will. "The amalgamation of physical and magic into a single weapon. This double-ended blade allows one to reach out and take hold of the heights of power." Beuce

Last LegacyLast Legacy

Reckless Abandon: (Once Per Battle) All Defense and Resistance is reduced to zero. The lost stats are gained instead as speed for three cycles. "A blade wielded by one who has regained faith in their ability to push onwards and not relinquish hope after being plunged into the deepest depths of darkness. This blade enables one to risk everything to achieve victory." Glen

Silver-stormSilver Storm

The Cat's Meow: For three cycles, all attacks made by the party are considered as the elemental weakness of the target. "For one whose furry friends are as numerous as raindrops in a storm. Sometimes a few pointers can be taken from where one would least expect them." Gwendolyn

HikarukeyTrue Bond

Path of the Guardian: For three cycles, The Strength stat moves to Defense, and the Magic stats moves to Resistance. Each MP is converted to 10 HP. "A keyblade for those who put protection over pride. The wolf and lion on the blade show the willingness to always defend the pack." Hikaru

GenderbendLunar Eclipse

Army of One: The user rushes forward into a flurry of attacks, performing a thirteen hit combo, 12 hits followed by one strong finisher. This combo does not grant CG. It deals damage equal to the following formula.

(125% Strength * (combo damage+30%))*12 + (125% Strength * (combo damage*2))

"A keyblade for a warrior without equal. The one who leads the charge into heroism will surely spark fire in the hearts of all who follow them." Ignis

Whittling-promisesWhittling Promises

Shooting Star: ​(Once Per Battle) For three cycles, the speed stat of the wielder is added to their strength and magic "A keyblade forged on the idea of promising to become stronger. Fast as lightning. She's like the yellow flash." Kaida

Resolute-heartResolute Heart

Resonance Blade: (Once per battle) For three cycles resonate with your comrades through the power of spiral energy. Those linked to the user as well as the user themselves receives a boost in their prominent stat. (To link, there must be a friendship level of at least 7 from the user) "Only those with a resolved heart can wield the true power of this keyblade. The power to protect and support ones friends lie in wait for the rightful wielder." Kel

Crescent-crownCrescent Crown

Pale Cascade:​ (Once Per Battle)The health of all players is changed to the current health of the user. This can potentially increase them beyond their maximum temporarily, but does not actually increase their maximum. Once they fall below their normal max, they cannot be healed above it. "A blade of one who has accepted their role in life, and from that comes a power which they willingly share." Luna

Artisan-shardArtisan Shard

Tempered Fate: (One Per Battle) All other players have their CG raised to max, and regain use of any once per battle limits they have spent previously. "A shard of power from the Artisian King: A warrior from beyond 'the Edge' to whom this realms Steel traces his origins. It seems to pulse with energy whenever it rains." Steel

Synchronous Gale

Link Synchro: ​(Once Per Battle) Chooses two commands and joins them together, creating a variety of unique effects based on what was mixed. "A blade that sheds past weaknesses and pushes towards newfound strengths. Black as the void, it absorbs all around and creates something new in its place." Stratos

Trivia and CreditsEdit

  • The "Twitterpated" Keyblade was designed by ProjectENDO
  • The "Blessed Thief" Keyblade was designed by Netro32 
  • The "Elementary" Keyblade was designed by ProjectENDO
  • The "Llama Head" Keyblade was designed by
  • The "Companion" Keyblade was designed by sonicxjones