A mini-mission of KHSOS that challenged players every Tuesday to question their knowledge of Central and South America. Based off of the 1944 film "The Three Caballeros", it was a continuous mission that rewarded with the The Caballeros Summon and One Crown to the first User to correctly answer the given question.

Following an update in April, 2013, "Passover" was a recurring event where all users who had answered the Fiesta question received one crown each whenever a new Caballeros Summon was awarded to a new player.

It was discontinued in the 1.40 Guild Hall update.

Past WinnersEdit

Past Questions and AnswersEdit

Recollecting Data

  • "Where is José Carioca from?" (12/06/12)

"Ro de Janeiro, Brazil is where the little green parrot is from."-Myst

  • Which of the Disney Trio did not appear in Saludos Amigos?

"Answer; Mickey Mouse"-Krowley

  • Q. What is the highest Capital in the World? (03/20/13)

A. There is something of a schism. I remember this from Spanish class(!):

La Paz is not the OFFICIAL capital of Bolivia. But it has the most government buildings. Qutio, in Ecuador, is technically the highest elevated official Capital City of a country, which is located on a volcano, Pinchincha.-Sebax

  • Q. "What is highest point in the Western Hemisphere?" (04/28/13)

A. Mt. Aconcagua located in the Andes mountain range.- Reinzel

  • Q. "When is Carnaval in Rio held this year?" (06/05/13)

A. It's held during the Friday to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.- Dr_Wigglz


  • Based off of the Disney's studios 7th Full-Length Feature Animated movie, "The Three Caballeros, as well as the 6th, "Saludos Amigos".
  • The two films were rumored and proven to be attempts to appeal to the impoverished nations of the Latin Americas in order to sway them more to liking American Culture over the rise and potential appeal of Communism. The move was generally successful.