Episode Episode Title World Air Date
1 "Mickey and the Castle of Illusion!" Castle of Illusion August 12, 2016
After chasing Mizrabel into darkness during the destruction of Disneytown, Mickey Mouse finds himself lost in the realm of darkness. He comes across a man in a white hood who calls himself "Dreamer." He tells Mickey that Mizrabel has stolen Minnie to use her pure heart to restore herself to her former glory. He is given the task of saving NINE people as instructed by Dreamer. Not only that, but Mizrabel's five masters of illusion will make this trial all the more difficult.
2 "The Grumpy Old Oak" Castle of Illusion August 19, 2016
When Mickey enters the castle, he unlocks the red rainbow gem given to him by Dreamer. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit appears, much to Mickey's chagrin. As the two traverse the woodland area of the castle, Oswald lashes out at Mickey got not being able to save Disneytown and causing all the pages in his wasteland book. After Mickey Promises to help him find all the pages, The grumpy old oak appears and challenges them, while baiting them with an yellow colored gem. After they defeat Mizrabel's first Master of Illusion, they find the Yellow rainbow gem, which turns out to be Pluto. When leaving the room, they find the Purple rainbow gem, which opens to be Daisy alive and well. The shadowy figure that left the gem behind disappears without a trace
3 "The Jack in the Box" Castle of Illusion August 26, 2016
Goofy and Max appear out of the Green and Orange rainbow gems and find themselves in the toyland realm. As Goofy tries to help his son remember his childhood memories, Max continues to escape his fathers suffocating attempts. The Jack in the Box tries to use his powers to convince Max that this world doesn't need parents and to eliminate his father. Max's love for his father triumphs as the two take down the Master of Illusion and head to the next room. While Max still finds his father embarrassing, he still appreciates him.
4 "The Mermen" Castle of Illusion September 2, 2016
Donald and Pete appear out of the Blue and Indigo rainbow gems into the atlantian like dream world. The two dislike each other and butt heads in finding the best passage out of the realm. The Master of illusion is an aquatic creature that can multiply, and uses it's abilities to overwhelm Donald and Pete. Choosing to work together through mutual trust, the two trick the Merman into having it's clones disagree with each other. Defeating the third Master of Illusion, the two argue like always as they move on. Donald and Pete learned nothing.
5 "The Treat Dragon" Castle of Illusion September 9, 2016
Unexpectedly splitting up, Pluto and Oswald find themselves in a wonderland of sweets and treats! Pluto is not fond of Oswald for the disagreements he has with Mickey and ends up exploring on his own. Pluto succumbs to the hypnotic treats of the candy realm. Oswald finds the master of illusion to be a licorice dragon, and fights off the master by himself. Helping snap Pluto out of his candy coma, the two take down the treat dragon and move on. Pluto learns the importance of self control.
6 "The Oafish Clockmaker" Castle of Illusion September 16, 2016
Mickey and Daisy find themselves in a clocktower realm where a powerful, but oafish clockmaker refuses to let them leave. They become his prisoners until Daisy manages to outwit the Clockmaker, allowing them to escape. Daisy persists that they team up and strategize, but Mickey's carefree attitude makes him resistant to the idea of simply fighting him off. A wild chase ensues before Mickey and Daisy face him atop the belltower. With Daisy's well executed strategy, the two manage to capture the clockmaker and defeat him. Mickey learns to take Daisy' advice more seriously.
7 "Light and Darkness" Castle of Illusion September 23, 2016
With everyone reunited to save Minnie, Mickey finds himself face to face with a shadow version of himself. Explaining that he left the purple gem behind earlier, the shadow challenges Mickey to a duel. Mickey accepts and tells the rest of his friends to rescue Minnie. The battle doesn't seem to be prevailing, and Mickey struggles with the guilt his shadow brings down on him. With the happy memories of his friends to give him strength, Mickey defeats his shadow, before being warned that there are other shadows of his friends waiting for them...
8 "The Power of Love Part I" Castle of Illusion September 30, 2016
Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max, Pete and Oswald fall into one of Mizrabel's traps and end up facing shadow versions of themselves. The angrier and more aggressive they get, the larger their shadows become. Mickey ends up in Mizrabel's throne room with no sign of his friends. Claiming they all abandoned him, Mickey fights Mizrabel alone. With Mickey's friends losing their fight horribly, they regroup and try to formulate a plan. The harder they fight, the stronger their enemies get. After Pete says out loud that he wishes he was fighting Donald and how he'd hit him for fun, this gives Daisy the idea that they try a new tactic of switching opponents and having more reason behind it. Daisy fights Donald's shadow, Max messes with Pete's shadow, Goofy embarrasses Max's shadow, Pluto warms up to Oswald's shadow, Pete acts uncomfortably neighborly to Goofy's shadow, Donald acts romantic to Daisy's shadow and Oswald acts playful with Pluto's shadow. After an almost therapeutic battle, the seven rush to Mickey's aid.
9 "The Power of Love Part II" Castle of Illusion October 7, 2016
With mickey's friends returning to help him, Mickey begins to overpower her with the strength from his friends. With teamwork, they manage to make her weak enough for a finishing blow. Before Mickey can land the final blow, he recall's the man; Dreamer's words on how he is meant to save nine people from the castle. With Minnie and his friends only making eight, he looks to Mizrabel with empathy and uses his keyblade to extract the darkness from her heart. The light and love from everyone allows Mizrabel's elderly but kind form to emerge as her darkness roams to the dwellings of the castle. After leaving the manor, she thanks them and departs as Dreamer says he must stay and help guide the other heroes. He informs them that worlds can be saved by finding the "Core Memory." A valuable object in the world that retains the memory of all the characters and world itself. That even if the heart is destroyed, the memory keeps it alive. He explains that this was why he took the Cornerstone of Light from Disneytown. While asking how they get back to the realm of light, a large space stations tears a rift allowing everyone to jump onto the ship. The portal doesn't last long as they manage to barely make it back to the realm of light. Dreamer waves goodbye and vows to keep the cornerstone safe.
10 "All aboard the Disney Station!" N/A October 14, 2016
Donald's uncle Scrooge McDuck arrives as the Captain of the vessel and begins to show the vast space station that he built with his vast wealth. Safe from the dark creatures, they make themselves comfortable before Mickey convinces everyone to help fight off the darkness and give those without a home safe pasage. From that moment, they make it their mission to go from world to world and finding the core memories to save as many lives as they can. Oswald points out they must also find seven lost pages from his book and the group agrees to help him as his friends. Even Pete through forceful convincing. As Mickey looks at the gleaming orb Horace gave him back in Disneytown, he feels a little unsure. But after looking back at his friends bicker and laugh, he becomes sure that he can do anything with his Dream Team.

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