""Why you little... I'll be back with fifty- no- a hundred- No, no, no. TWO hundred guards to put you punk kids in your place!""

—Pete's tenacity.

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Steamboat Willie (1928)



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Pete is an offensive tank and main protagonist in Mickey's Dream Team.


Under the orders of Minnie's father, Pete was placed as royal captain of the guards. Much to everyone's dismay, Pete is more of a bully than a leader. He was often antagonizing everyone, an begrudgingly follows the orders of the princess to save his own job. After he and his home were swallowed into darkness, he found himself in the Castle of Illusion, attempting to beat Mizrabel and her masters of illusion to save Minnie..


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Pete's personality has changed over the years, but one factor has always remained the same: Pete is always up to no good. Pete can be called many things: a schemer, thief, monster, con artist, or even a heartless villain. Often relying on brute strength, Pete can sometimes be a bumbler, though he has sometimes been shown to be rather cunning and intelligent in most incarnations. However, this has never prevented him from cheating people, though only to be foiled by a heroic character. In most roles, Pete is conceived as monstrous, being feared by most and challenged by few.

Like most Disney villains, Pete is fully aware of the fact that he is a cruel villain and that people strongly dislike him, however, he takes pride in his evil deeds feeling no remorse for his victims for the most part. Pete believes if one can't be loved, they should be feared, explaining his nature. This aspect of his character has been featured several times, where Pete's ambitions have been revealed to be driven by loneliness and a lust for admiration, driving him to madness and villainy, as well as making him a rather tragic villain. This could also explain why he strongly detests Mickey Mouse and constantly goes out of his way to torment him, the mouse being all-around beloved by most who know him and more often than not coming out victorious through all endeavors, having everything Pete desires, but can never gain. Through all the years the world has known the notorious Pete, whether he has been simply an antagonist or a full-blown villain, he still manages to play the part of the character he was created to be; the fellow everyone loves to hate.


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Pete's skills revolved around high damage and building defense.

Ability MP Cost Damage Chance Description
Smackdown 30 MP 200% POW Stun Pete slams his fists down on an enemy target, damaging all enemies around it.
Barrier 50 MP N/A None Pete's love for himself is enough to create his own mystic barrier. Barrier strength = LUV x 10
Taunt 10 MP N/A None Pete whistles all enemy targets in his direction. This turn, all enemies will target Pete.
Boom Ball 40 MP 150% TEC None Pete bowls an explosive ball to a front enemy. Once it hits, the explosion damages all surrounding enemies.
Bully Pummel 40 MP 400% POW Stun After a strong wind up, Pete lets loose an explosive punch to an enemy