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Commands from Birth by Sleep

Skill Commands are physical, magical, and field changing attacks that give the player an extra boost in attacking compared to basic attacking and magic. Some skill commands have elemental properties, making them a real game changer. While having extra power in battle, these commands have Turn Cooldowns, meaning they cannot be used until a set number of turns have passed. The Skill commands also add a bonus effect of filling the Command Gauge. (The Command or "CG" is not unlocked until Levl 10)

  • Skill Commands require slots to equip. Every Player starts off with 2 slots.
  • Each slot is unlocked at every 10th level. (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90)
  • Physical Skill Commands may cost more than one slot. Their power is determined by the Strength Stat.
  • Warrior Paths start off with an additional Physical Command Slot.
  • Magical Skill Commands require MP to use, but will never cost more than one slot. Their power is determined by the Magic Stat.
  • Mystic Paths start off with an additional Magical Command Slots.

Physical Skill CommandsEdit

Ability Slots CG Cooldown Power Element Description Obtained
Aerial Slam 1 25% 4 Turns 200% Wind Knock an enemy into the air, then leap, and knock them down to the ground. Deals double damage to Aerial enemies. (3 hits) The Outback

Cost: 1,500 Munny

Barrier Surge 1 10% 3 Turns 200% Light Rush forward a short distance while cloaked in a barrier. (Deflects any obstacles on the field. 1 hit) Castle of Dreams

Cost: 500 Munny

Fire Strike 1 25% 2 Turns 160% Fire It allows the user to cloak their Keyblade in Fire and perform a spinning attack. (1 hit) Land of Dragons

Cost: 400 Munny

Fist Bump 1 40% 4 Turns 250% Fire The user knocks back the enemy with a powerful punch. Moments later, an explosion is detonated, damaging all surrounding enemies) San Frasnokyo

Cost: 1,000 Munny

Poison Edge 1 10% 5 Turns 150% Darkness Perform a jumping attack that poisons some foes. (1 hit) Dwarf Woodlands

Cost: 150 Munny

Powerline 1 20%/e 3 Turns 100%/e Thunder Perform a zooming charge that deals Thunder damage. This command's power can increase over time, and each hit can hit any enemy of your choosing(1 hit + 1 more at every 16th level) Disneytown

Cost: 2,500

Sliding Dash 1 20% 3 Turns 160% None Punish enemies with a charging attack. The Great Forest

Cost: 100 Munny

Splattercombo 1 30% 4 Turns 150% None A six hit combo that sheds off MP from the opponent. Restores the MP gauge by 2. (Combo Plus abilities add onto the damage) Beast's Castle

Cost: 850 Munny

Strike Raid 1 20% 2 Turns 140% None Throw the Keyblade at the enemy. Stuns some foes. (4 hits) Nottingham

Cost: 100 Munny

Vorpal Blitz 1 30% 3 Turns 175% Ice Execute three overhead jumping attacks with the Keyblade. The final strike is critical on aerial enemies. (3 hits) Wonderland

Cost: 400 Munny

Zantetsuken 2 40% 6 Turns 400% Time It allows the user to execute a single, impossibly fast Keyblade strike, usually dealing a devastating amount of damage to all enemies. (1 hit) Camelot

Cost: 1,700 Munny

Magical Skill CommandsEdit

Ability MP CG Cooldown Power Element Description Obtained
Aqua Splash 1 30% 4 Turns 200% Water Spray water at the enemy over a period of time. 4 Shots may be distrubuted to the player's desired targets. Pachyderm Parade

Cost: 900 Munny

Faith 2 20% 5 Turns 400% Light The player summons four pillars of light to damage enemies around the field. Each pillar targets a random enemy. The Mysterious Tower

Cost: 1,600 Munny

Thunder Bell 1 30% 4 Turns 300% Thunder The player fires a bell shaped projectile made of lightning at an opponent. La Cite des Cloches

Cost: 1,000 Munny

Other Skill CommandsEdit

Ability Slots CG Cooldown Element Description Obtained
Break Time 1 0% 7 Turns None Rejuvenate themselves or their allies by taking a break. Restore all ally's HP by 5, MP gauge by 1.00, and CG by 20. This command ends when attacked. Kingdom of the Sun

Cost: 400 Munny

Magnify 1 5% 6 Turns Time Isolate your enemy's weakness and exploit it! Doubles your next attack. Baker Street

Cost: 750 Munny

Reluctancy 1 0% 7 Turns Space Neither side can harm the other for 1 whole cycle! 48 Hours of Neutrality Event

Cost: 1,000 Munny

April Showers 0% 7 turns Water Causes it to rain for 5 cycles. Thunder damage is doubled, but Fire is halved!

Aprill Attendance Event

Cost: 300 Munny

Launch 1 10% 6 turns Space Catapults another player to the enemy to attack in your place. Does 200% damage to all enemies


Cost: 500 Munny

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