When using a command or being by some sort of enemy attack, one might actually have some effect that is within the subtext of the commands description, and might inflict some really new innovation known as the status ailment. The status ailment is something that usually causes some sort of detrimental effect and hinder the one afflicted.

There are currently 8 statuses within the game being; poison, burn, freeze, paralyze, wet,airbourne, heavy and alterations.

Ailments that take turns to go away.

Ailments that take cycles to go away.

Icon Name Description Equipped
  • Immune to ground attacks, spells, and combos.
  • Occurs when your stats are changed in any way.
  • Your body is on fire!
  • You take fire damage for the stated turns.
4-6 turns
  • You can't use MP based skills for the stated cycles.
2 cycles
  • You are unable to use physical commands or attack for the stated turns/cycles.
2 cycles
  • You don't feel so well, taking damage at the start of each turn.
3-5 cycles
  • You conduct electricity, taking 50% more thunder damage each turn.
  • Luckily, you take 50% less fire damage in exchange!
3 turns

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