A Summon is a special character that can be magically called on to aid Players. They are usually obtained by allied characters from different worlds, or by other means. Like Magic, Summons require MP to be brought into battle.

A summon comes in 2 types; Auto and Controlled. Auto Summons are designed to automatically fulfill their specialties and act on their own. Once the player summons it, The summon fulfills it's effect for a set duration before disappearing. Controlled Summons give the option for the summoner to select one of the Summon's abilities after each turn. They have a set number of Drive points ( Or "DP"), with each action costing a set amount of Drive points. Once the Controlled Summon runs out of Drive points, it will disappear. Immediate summons perform their effect on the turn they are summoned. This is usually a powerful effect considering it only lasts one turn, but it varies.

A summon can only be summoned ONCE per battle. This means once they are dismissed, No one can bring it back for the rest of the battle. Unless the summon is ridable, they do not contribute towards the Command Gauge.

List of World SummonsEdit

Summon Description Abilities

Bambi (Summoncard)-0


"The Great Prince, and protector of the Forest. Has the ability to restore MP to allies."

  • Cost: 2MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in The Great Forest or by purchasing the "Twitterpated" keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Prance: Restores MP to party members after each turn. Amount of MP restored depends on the amount of the player's overall MP.

  • User has 1-7MP = 1MP restored.
  • User has 8-16MP = 2MP restored.
  • User has 17+MP = 3MP restored.

Basil (Summoncard)-0


"The Great Mouse Detective. While Basil offers no strengthened fortitude to your party, his strategic skills are greatly valued."

  • Cost: 1MP
  • Duration: Immediate
  • Obtained in Baker Street or by purchasing the "Elementary" keyblade.
  • Type: Auto
Deduction: When summoned, Basil takes a quick glance at your enemies. All in one go, he reveals any secrets, tricks or weaknesses they may possess.If there's a way around agonising brute force, Basil will find it.

Dumbo (Summoncard)


"'A baby circus elephant. He was taunted because of his huge ears, but his talent for flying made him the star of the circus. The player can only execute long ranged attacks while riding Dumbo."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 5 Cycles
  • Obtained in Pachyderm Parade or by obtaining the "Ferris Gear" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled
  • Player gives 15 Defense while on the summon.

Splash: Blasts a jet of water at an opponent. Replaces Ground combos(200% MAG / 20 CG)

RapidFire: An accurate, long ranged blast of pellets. Replaces Air combos. (150% STR / 20 CG)

Fly: Ascend into the air or descend onto the ground.

FG (Summoncard)

Fairy Godmother

"'A kindhearted fairy who appears only to those who believe in their dreams."

  • Cost: XMP
  • Duration: Immediate
  • Obtained in Castle of Dreams or by obtaining the "Stroke of Midnight" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Recall: The Fairy godmother restore's a previously summoned spirit and allows them to be called back onto the field. (Bring back a summon) MP cost is equal to the recalled summon.

Marahute (Summon)

"A Giant Golden Eagle. Marahute is an endangered species that is known for her large wingspan and valiant presence. She will protect your party as if they were her eggs."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 3 rescues
  • Obtained in The Outback or by obtaining the "Divewing" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Rescue: When summoned, Marahute flies overhead of the party. She carefully watches and saves any member from reaching Death. She can only save one person at a time and disappears after 5 rescues.

CC (Summoncard)

Cheshire Cat

"A mysterious, grinning cat who talks in riddles and can appear and disappear at will. He loves to mislead and confuse, being a very difficult summon to co-operate. He inflicts random effects based of Wonderland Denizens."

  • Cost: 2MP
  • Duration: 5 cycles
  • Obtained in Wonderland or by obtaining the "Lady Luck" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Full Deck: The player gains 52 points of defense and resistance for one turn.

Clean Cup! Move Down!: The enemy's attack is pushed to the last turn. Their speed stat remains the same.

Bottle Drop: Shrinks a player down, cutting their attack and magic points in half. Their evasion is doubled.

Growing Treat: Increases a player's size, doubling their attack and magic points. Their evasion is halved.

Mushu (Summoncard)-2


"One of the guardian spirits of an ancient clan. He was banished by the other guardians because of his foolish ways. Though small, he has the power of a great dragon."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Land of Dragons or by obtaining the "Hidden Dragon" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Spitfire: Mushu unleashes a barrage of fireballs over time that damages the opponent for 3 cycles. (250% MAG divided by all targets. 20 CG)

Lucky Cricket: Mushu's Lucky bug gives the party a 25% Luck increase!

Maximus (Summoncard)


"Though viewed as just another horse, Maximus is actually far more fierce and efficient than any soldier. The player rides Maximus, with Pascal providing some minor support. The player can only execute long ranged attacks while riding Maximus."

  • Cost: 4MP
  • Duration: 5 Cycles
  • Obtained in Corona or by obtaining the "Destiny's Embrace" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled
  • Player gains 10 Defense and 10 Speed while on the summon.

Jousting Combo: Maximus deals your combo damage with a sword in his mouth.

Counter: After attacked, Maximus offers the player a counterattack when attacked. (100% STR/10 CG)

Pascal Alarm: Pascal awakens the player from any sleep, paralyzed, or knocked out status by flinging his tongue into their ears. Gross.

Maximus (Summoncard)


"Baymax cares. That's what he was designed to do. The adorable, plus-sized inflatable robot's job title is technically Healthcare Companion. But to the inventor's kid brother Hiro, he's a hero. His reprogramming includes a rocket fist, super strength and rocket thrusters that allow him to fly."

  • Cost: 5MP
  • Duration: 5 Cycles
  • Obtained in San Fransokyo or by obtaining the "Companion" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled
  • Player gains 100 HP while on the summon.

Baymax Combo: Baymax has been reprogrammed to knows all your sick combo moves!

Rocket Fist: Baymax fires a long range Fist canon at the opponent. (300% STR, 40 CG)

Scan: Baymax scans the opponent for any elemental weaknesses

Healthcare: Baymax heals 30 HP.

Fly: Ascend into the air or descend onto the ground.

List of Unlockable SummonsEdit

Summon Description Abilities

File:Chicken Little.png

Chicken Little

"Chicken Little has more pluck and heart than most boys twice his size. He never turns away from a challenge, no matter how big it is."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 5 Cycles
  • Obtained in by gaining the "Phoenix's Light" keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Whistle Magnet: Chicken Little lets outs a whistle that turns all enemies into one target, having single target attacks deal the same damage to all enemies. For Brawl Missions, The player's BP is doubled!



"Sparky is a true and loyal dog that was brought back to life by his master in a makeshift laboratory. He may not always be able to keep himself together, but he will die twice before letting the party down!"

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 5 Cycles
  • Obtained in by gaining the "Heavenly Ascension" keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Conductor: Sparky absorbs all electrical attacks and fires them back at the enemy.

Resurrection: Sparky shocks the player into reviving back from being knocked out. This ability will only work once per player.

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