A Council of Disney Villains or simply "The Hellfire Club", are major antagonists in Kingdom Hearts SOS. The group works together mostly behind the scenes as a secret society of sorts. They seek the power that Kingdom Hearts can grant them, wishing to use it for universal domination. While Maleficent's council had 6, this council is comprised of 10 members, each with their own purpose and goal. It is also led by the Horned King, who holds the same amount of calm demeanor as Maleficent, but holds more resources at his disposal, including lackeys to send out in his stead.

The Horned KingEdit

The leader of the council and the one who brought the group together; his lust for power is his driving force. He exhibits outwardly arrogant and narcissistic qualities, desiring to become "a god among mortal men", and is cold and very composed, showing no outward anger until his initial plans aren't followed. An impatient King, he desires Kingdom Hearts for dominion over all worlds, and has devised a few untold plans on how to do so.


Creeper is intelligent and fiendish, but is slightly afraid of the Horned King due to his mistreatment of him. The Horned King blames Creeper for things and will choke him when he thinks Creeper isn't doing what he wants him to do. Although he loves serving the Horned King, he hates his master.

The Headless HorsemanEdit

Loyal follower to the Horned King, he is so far unseen and can has yet to speak. The only thing heard from him is his tyrannical laughter and the clopping of a galloping horse. Although he serves the Horned King, he is still treated as an official member, unlike Creeper.

He was first officially spotted in Wonderland, on an assigned mission to capture the princess of heart; Alice. While he did manage to capture her, Alice woke up from her dream world and escaped the horseman's grasp.

He later appeared in Beast's Castle, assisting Aux in the abduction and capture of Belle. His horseman had blended in as Gaston's horse and empowered him with darkness long enough to distract the heroes before he himself could appear.


Newly appointed second in command, she represents pure, deliberate, evil. She is ruthless and devious, and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Additionally, she is very sinister, and seems to already have some knowledge of the princesses of heart, indicating she may know more than she'll let on. She is Queen Grimhilde's replacement after the late Queen was struck down in Dwarf Woodlands.

Member #4Edit

A shrouded figure with a rather sarcastic and smooth-talking voice...

Member #5Edit

A shrouded figure with the voice of a brash, baritone woman...

Member #6Edit

A shrouded figure with an affinity for odds and laughing at others' expense

Member #7Edit

A shrouded figure who has apparently lost his left hand.

Member #8Edit

A shrouded figure who has yet to speak.


A shrouded figure who has yet to speak.


Mizrabel young

Mizrabel is one of the strongest members of the Hellfire Club and has the ability to manifest and manipulate memories. She yearns for pure and noble hearts to keep her young and powerful. This causes her to kidnap Minnie Mouse as she has one of the strongest hearts of pure light. She is the main Antagonist for the opening chapters of Mickey's Dream Team and The first half of Kingdom Hearts SOS: The Road to Dawn. She was defeated by Ananta, AJ, Aislinn, Beuce, Celio, D'daear, Glen, Gwendolyn, Hikaru, Ignis, Kaida, Kel, Luna, Steel, Stratos, and Xara inside her Castle of Illusion.

The KeyEdit

The Key is an hooded and unofficial member of the Hellfire Club, whose only role is to use a keyblade to unlock that which the members of the organization cannot open.

His identity is revealed in Chapter 27 as Mortimer Mouse; Mickey's old time rival and ever yearning for Minnie's affection. He plays off has a rude attitude with no respect for others and a self described suave character. Arrogant, his true goal with the alliance was to use the keyblade to finally take Minnie's heart for his own. Once Mortimer was trapped in the Wasteland, Maleficent set her sights on Vanitas who is the new acting key working for the Hellfire Club.

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